Application Deadline: February 28, 2024

Applications are now open for the 2024 World Cinema Fund (WCF) Africa Program. In cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office the World Cinema Fund launched a special funding opportunity for projects from sub-Saharan Africa in 2016. All WCF submissions with projects from sub-Saharan Africa will automatically also be considered for the special funding by the WCF Africa programme.


Eligible to apply are 

film production companies from sub-Saharan Africa regions, that can confirm their collaboration with a director from sub-Saharan Africa region/country or
registered film production companies based in Germany (in the commercial register or registered trade) that can prove a working relationship with a director from a sub-Saharan Africa region/country or

registered film production companies from other EU member states, provided they have a branch or place of business in Germany and can prove a working relationship with a director from a sub-Saharan Africa region.

Program Details

Maximum funding: 40,000 Euros for post-production funding.
The total production costs of the supported projects should range between 200,000 Euros and 1,400,000 Euros.
The funding must be spent on the post-production of the film in the aforementioned regions.

The contractual partner is always the German partner.

Please note that the final expenditure report of funds must be delivered by October 2024, the latest.

Submission Requirements

There are two submission processes per year.

The deadline for the first submission process is end of February/beginning of March. The jury meetings in which decisions are made on these submissions are usually held at the end of June/beginning of July.
The deadline for the second submission process is in July and jury meetings to decide on these submissions are usually held in early November.

Submission Documents

The following documents must be attached to the online Submission Form (in English or French):

Financing information:
Financing Plan in Euros and in the respective local currency (if available). A model financing plan can be downloaded here (16 KB).

The financing plan must contain the following information: names of the companies/partners involved, type of financing (funds, own investment, in-kind contributions, Sales/MG, etc.), shares (in percentage) of the respective partners, broken down by country in which amounts are already secured and which are still open (as well as the estimated date on which a response/decision is expected).
Budget (detailed): in Euros and local currency (if available).
Contracts and agreements: all financing agreements and/or letters of intent from financing partners that have already been confirmed.

Signed co-production contracts/cooperation agreements or deal memos.

Rights transfer: The transfer of rights is a document or contract that transfers the rights of the screenwriter to the producer and officially authorises the latter to use the screenplay for a film project. If the author and the producer are the same person, it is not necessary to attach the statement.

An artistic/visual concept with mood board, casting, locations, editing and narrative concept, etc.

A password-protected link to the rough cut, including english or french subtitles (in case the original language is non of these).


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