Deadline: 10th November 2023 

 PAWENpreneur Awards For African Women Intrapreneurs & Entrepreneurs 2023.

An initiative of the Pan African Women Empowerment Network (PAWEN), the PAWENpreneur Awards honour the spirit and achievements of African women. From the intrapreneurs whose creative leadership within their organisations paves the way for growth and excellence to the entrepreneurial women who launch and grow successful businesses, these awards highlight the varied and important roles that women play in the African business and corporate landscape.

This year is the first of what promises to be an esteemed and eagerly awaited yearly occasion. The PAWENpreneur Awards are more than just recognition; they are a tribute to the incredible tenacity and perseverance displayed by African women in business and vocations, acting as role models for both aspiring and seasoned female professionals.

Get Acknowledgment: Get acknowledged on a global, regional, and industry level for your accomplishments and/or those of your firm.

Be Inspired and Inspire Future Leaders: Aspiring female professionals and entrepreneurs throughout the world are inspired to follow in your footsteps by your tale of perseverance, leadership, and success.

Be Visible: Participate in a spotlight moment by showcasing nominations and awards through our extensive public relations initiatives, which will increase your visibility and impact within the business and professional communities.

Boost Credentials: Being the recipient of these prestigious awards, or even just being nominated for them, greatly increases your professional credibility and positions you and your company as leaders and examples of excellence.

Be honoured: The honours offer a worldwide stage for highlighting the outstanding achievements and influence of African women, recognising and applauding their unwavering commitment to innovation and quality.

Be Borderless: Promote global awareness for African women by being open to them all.
Remain Unrestricted: Enrollment is free!

Nominees ought to
Be African Women is open to all women of African heritage, regardless of where they now reside—on the continent or overseas.

Be Professionals or Entrepreneurs: These prizes are for you if you are a woman in the workforce moving up the corporate ladder or if you are an entrepreneur forging your own route.

Proof of accomplishments: being prepared to provide documentation of your accomplishments and career or entrepreneurial trajectory, should it be needed for the judging process.

Required Age: Must be 18 years of age or older on October 1, 2023.

Nomination Time Frame

Nominations will be accepted from October 1 through October 31. This is the moment to highlight accomplishments and victories, whether you’re nominating someone else or yourself as an excellent woman you know.


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