The Virchow Prize for Global Health is now accepting nominations, offering a highly acclaimed, global platform to increase public and societal understanding of global health challenges.

The Virchow Prize for Global Health establishes a substantial worldwide prize of the highest reputation in the broad field of global health, bringing to life the lifetime accomplishment of notable people and organisations from throughout the world.

Additionally, the Virchow Prize for Global Health seeks to encourage and motivate upcoming generations of brilliant individuals in their dedication to global health. Anyone should be allowed to aim for such a renowned award if they want to advance intellectual, political, social, or economic/industrial innovation to better the health of the global populace.

The goal of the Virchow Prize for Global Health is to make a lasting and widespread improvement in health outcomes by addressing the interaction between the medical, political, economic, and social determinants of health.

Eligible are individuals, institutions, or organisations from all fields who, in one or more of the following aspects:
Have made outstanding contributions to improve global health, be it through scientific, societal, technological, political, or economic innovations.

By applying concepts of social, educational, behavioural, environmental, economic, commercial and/or policymaking-related determinants of health.

Have significantly contributed to the attainment of the United Nations 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals, with special attention made to SDG 3 “Good Health and Well-Being for All” and its intersectionality with others of the 17 SDGs.

Have developed and/or implemented health-improving innovations or interventions, governance, and policies with the potential for broad impact on equity.

Have identified and addressed systemic factors leading to increased prevention measures and improved access to medicines, vaccines, therapeutics, or treatments.

Have contributed to the advancement of research or led to the discovery of disease origins, treatment or prevention which impact global health.

Have significantly contributed to increasing global cooperation and inclusivity in addressing holistic approaches to global and planetary health challenges.

The work honoured by the Virchow Prize for Global Health must be grounded in academic and research values as well as on a foundation of human rights, solidarity, and equity.

The Virchow Prize for Global Health is not open to active members of the Virchow Foundation for Global Health Board of Trustees, Executive Board, or Council, nor is it open to active members of the Virchow Prize Committee.

Competent Nominators
An individual who belongs to one of the following categories may submit a nomination for the Virchow Prize for Global Health.

Members of national legislatures, national governments, supranational governing bodies, and present leaders of sovereign states that have ratified the United Nations Charter.

Executive Directors of organisations and institutions under the auspices of the United Nations, as well as those of other intergovernmental bodies.

participants in scientific academies
Directors of research institutions, universities, and organisations that promote international relations

Virchow Prize for Global Health winners
winners of comparable international.

 accolades, including the Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prizes, the Emil von Behring Prize, the Robert Koch Prize, the Lasker Prize, the Gairdner accolades, and the Nobel Prizes

Former Virchow Prize Committee members

Former Virchow Prize Committee advisors
The Virchow Prize Committee has permitted citizens to submit nominations in different circumstances.

Self-nominations are not taken into account

Choosing The Laureates
The winners of the Virchow Prize for Global Health will be revealed every year on the second Monday in September.
The Virchow Prize for Global Health, presented by the Virchow Foundation for Global Health, will be given to no more than three nominees each year, whether they be people, organisations, or institutions.

The independent Virchow Prize Committee will vote to determine the final choice of the laureates, which will then be proposed. The Virchow Prize Committee will compile a short list of candidates for the award based on all nominations during the selection process. The Virchow Prize Committee may extend an invitation to respected reviewers and advisors as a part of the selection procedure.

The Virchow Foundation for Global Health Council chooses and elects the members of the Virchow Prize Committee. The Foundation President serves as the committee’s chair.


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