Grants to establish and train WASH Committees on the Savings and Loan Scheme – Sierra Leone

Deadline: 6-Nov-23

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is offering grants to establish and train WASH committees on the savings and loan scheme for the management of water facilities in the targeted locations in Karene and Kambia Districts.

The main objective of this grant selection process is to identify a suitable local Nonprofit organization (CSO/NGO/Foundation) with operational presence and specialized expertise to establish 30 water management committees and train members on the VSLA technique including the ability to sustain water infrastructure at community sites, the ability to do basic repairs to damaged infrastructure in 30 communities in the following locations in Kailahun and Karene districts:

Kailahun DistrictMalema (Joijoima)Mandu (Buedu & Mobai)Kissi Tengi (Buedu Market)Lauwa (Kailahun town: GTI, Jaka Magorma)Kpeje Bongre (Manowa)Peje West (Bunumbu)Dea (Baiwalla and Senga)Kissi Teng (Bayama Leylah)Jawei (Nyiema and Daru town)Upper Bambara (Pendembu)
Karene DistrictSella Limba (Kamakwe I &III, Kaba Ferry)Sanda Loko (Kaindema & Kamalo)

Lebesay Gbahun(Batkanu & Rothanta)Sanda Taindaren (Rogboreh & Massissan)Mafonda Makarembay (Gbonka)Romende (Foredugu)Buya (Rosint)Gbinti (Makulon, Mofonda, & Makombrey)

Funding Information
The grant amount is USD 60,000.
The grant must be executed within a period of not more than two months from the time of signing the contract

Who Can Apply?
Local Non-profit organizations (CSO/NGO/Foundation)
The NGO is required to have at least 5 years comprehensive grasp of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) and Water management technics of pipelines and boreholes, applied professional experience in conducting training on basic topics, and must be able to provide flexible course delivery to meet the participants and organizations’ needs. For this consultancy, all relevant disasters in the Sierra Leonean context must be considered happening to the water points/wells.

Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in VSLA trainings, including familiarity with sustainability models in the water sector.
Organizations should have operational presence in the targeted area – Kailahun and Karene districts.

Organizations should be registered in accordance with the legal requirements of the Government of Sierra Leone.
Organizations may submit joint proposals as coalitions. In this case, main applicants must provide support letters from relevant co-applicants specifying their respective role. In case of joint proposals, the main applicant shall have proven experience in the proposed area of programming for the grant.


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