DEADLINE: October 15th 2023

The Kickstarter Challenge is an event for female business owners with fresh ideas. compete this national competition to jumpstart your business and compete to win some incredible rewards, such as a life-changing $60,000 equity-free prize fund to support the growth of your business idea.

Finalists will also receive support for their future endeavours, including mentoring sessions, media training, and a funded trip to the nation’s capital.

Four categories are accepting entries.

Share your entry with your networks if you want to have a chance to earn the fifth finalist slot by chasing the Popular Vote!

Sustainability And Climate Change
What is a long-term approach to preserving and assisting the climate.
What changes can be made to address the difficulties facing health and wellbeing? Health, wellbeing, and the care economy.

Technology And STEM
What contemporary issue can be resolved by a technological or digital solution?

Women’s Economic Equality: What novel concept enhances the economic involvement, leadership, and safety of women and girls to further their empowerment?

Financial Details
The five finalists will each get a portion of the $60,000 AUD equity-free prize money. The winner will receive $30,000 AUD, and the other four finalists will each receive $7,500 AUD. To get their prize, winners must be present at the event.
Each Finalist (individually or as a member of a team) will additionally win:
If they live outside of the ACT, they will need to book one roundtrip flight to the Kickstarter Challenge National Grand Final.

Arrangements for lodging for the Kickstarter Challenge Grand Final
In the months leading up to the Grand Final, professional graphic designers provided help for the presentation through media and PR training and social media.
Mentoring possibilities
A chance to network with influential people who can further your business concept
You will be paired with a famous mentor for a Secrets of a Self Starter podcast episode in which you guest star.

The Organiser will not accept votes or entries that are: (a) computer-generated automatically; (b) completed by third parties (on Your behalf) or in bulk; (c) illegible, have been changed, rebuilt, forged, or tampered with; or (d) incomplete. The organiser reserves the right to check the email address you supplied, as well as, if necessary, any permission given by a guardian, to verify your age, identity, and/or other related information whenever it sees fit. Entries with an invalid email address or inaccurate information about Your age or place of residence will be disqualified in the event of a dispute. You are not permitted to use more than one email address or social media account to enter this promotion. All of Your entries will be invalidated if it is discovered that You have used numerous email addresses or social media accounts to get around this restriction.

The entry of previous Kickstarter Challenge finalists is prohibited.

Judging Standards
The following criteria will be used to evaluate each submission:
How well you convey your vision

Strong point of differentiation
Target market described and comprehended
Discussed revenue or business model
Overall submission’s strength (presentation, branding, well-writtenness) and clarity
Adaptation to the submission category
The following will result in extra points being given:
The capacity of your company to grow

Competitive research
Sales and marketing tactics
60-second lift pitch video


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