The 12-week, award-winning THRIVE Global Accelerator programme was created expressly to support seed through series A companies and position them for expansion and scalability. The THRIVE Global Accelerator, which supports businesses across the agri-food value chain, has a particular emphasis on businesses building a sustainable future via innovation.

The Seed through Series A stage companies are the focus of the THRIVE Accelerator programme. Companies at this stage have moved through the ideation phase and are at least in the prototyping, beta testing, or product in market (with paying customers) growth stages. This programme is advantageous to businesses trying to draw both domestic and foreign clients.

Agri food tech firms in the Seed to Series A stage are the focus of the THRIVE Accelerator.
Companies at this stage have moved through the ideation phase and are at least in the prototyping, beta testing, or product in market (with paying customers) growth stages.

Programme Specifics
There is a combination of online and in-person programming at the THRIVE Accelerator. Each cohort includes 2+ in-person weeks for engaging with your cohort and networking with our worldwide community, as well as 4+ months of virtual programming. Both Demo Day in July and Seed Week in March will feature live programming.

The vast majority of online webinars will be conducted using Zoom. After being accepted into the programme, we ask that you attend all of our webinars, events, and workshops in full.

Currently, Demo Day is slated for June 2024, and Silicon Valley’s Seed Camp Week is scheduled for the week of March 18th, 2024. There are travel subsidies available for programme participants coming from outside the area.

Accelerator Advantages
You will be given the resources and assistance necessary to establish a firm foundation for scalable growth through the THRIVE Accelerator.

Contact With Corporates
For technological adoption, validation, and prospective investment opportunities, THRIVE will put you in touch with Corporate Partners from our high-profile network.

Assistance To Farmers
We give companies the chance to undertake active field trials through our vast partner network, which includes farmers, growers, and agriculture partners.

Opportunities For Investing
THRIVE will put you in touch with potential investors and corporate partners from our network. After the programme is through, THRIVE will provide funding to a few chosen businesses.

An Honourable Programme
Participating in our prestigious programme will help you gain access to THRIVE’s ecosystem, network, customers, and funding, as well as valuable benefits from network partners IBM, Stripe, HubSpot, Zendesk, AWS, Zenefits, and Carta. It will also legitimise your firm to potential investors.

Advocate Mentoring
You will gain access to our huge worldwide entrepreneur network as well as knowledgeable mentors and advisors.

Exposure To Brand
Through THRIVE’s large global network of press, media, and opportunities, you will have a tonne of chances to get your brand out there.

Possibilities For Collaboration
Through our online courses, in-person events like Seed Camp and Demo Days, and other activities, you will have the chance to interact, work with, and network with other Agri-Food Tech founders from across the world.

SVG Ventures will invest $100K in your firm after you are accepted into the THRIVE Global Accelerator programme ($50K in cash and $50K in programme value), with the possibility of additional follow-on investment.

There is a 2 to 3-hour weekly commitment for virtual programming, which includes:

Weekly panels or workshops
Founder accounts
Throughout the programme, connections to mentors
Mentoring sessions with the THRIVE Team every month


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