DEADLINE: 30 Sept 2023

For the High Five Grant from Mama Ladder 2023 ($10 000), apply right away. The Mama Ladder brings together women who are working mothers and entrepreneurs. Make a ladder on your own. Climb to achieve your family’s business goals. With the #HighFiveGrant, The Mama Ladder has been assisting mom-owned businesses since 2018.

Their goal is to assist women all around the world in thriving at the nexus of motherhood and entrepreneurship. They are creating a group of mothers who support other mothers. Why? They want you to have the freedom to enjoy your family AND your job passion on your terms by providing you with business training tailored specifically for women.

Grand Champion
Grant of $10,000 USD (Comes with a huge vanity cheque!)
$1,000 in Walker Edison office furniture credit; a one-hour planning session with Product Marketing House (worth $6,000

Initial Runner-Up
$5,000 USD award $1,000 in Walker Edison office furniture credit An hour-long strategy session with Product Marketing House, worth $6,000,
The Runner-Up Place
$2 500 USD award $1 000 in Walker Edison office furniture credit An hour-long strategy session with Product Marketing House, worth $6 000,
Five Mentions, Please
Grant of $1 000 USD; $1 000 Office Furniture Credit at Walker Edison

The Mama Ladder aids ambitious mom business owners in expanding their enterprises. This is a global grant initiative. Any country’s mothers who own their own enterprises are allowed to apply!

There are four straightforward needs for autumn 2023:
You ARE a mother. This stipend is only available to female carers who are raising human children of any age. In the words of your grown children: “Once a mum, always a mum.” First-time expectant mothers, stepmothers, and foster mothers are all invited to apply for this funding.
You are committed to growth and own at least 50% of a for-profit product or service company.

You can confirm whether you have had business income over the last 12 months.
You are aware of the WHY behind your company and will tell everyone about it.

Fill out the application.
Share the high five “WHY” that drives your company. Be sure to take a picture and write your “WHY” on your hand. The objective is to make you more certain and articulate.

Post a photo of yourself on a public business Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or Instagram account. It must be a permanent post shared within the application session (not a Story).
Tag the grant’s host @themamaladder and the lead sponsor @loweshomeimprovement so they can support you!
Include the #highfivegrant hashtag when communicating with their network of mom-owned businesses.


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