Call for Proposals: Supporting CSOs to strengthen Active Participation & Increased Decision-Making of Women in Burundi

Deadline: 20-Oct-23

The Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Action Fund (WPHF) has launched its new call for proposals in Burundi to support civil society organizations to strengthen the active participation and increased decision-making of women in processes and interventions relating to conflict prevention.

Objective and Purpose
The general objective of this call for proposals is to provide grants to local civil society organizations in Burundi for the implementation of projects focused on increasing the meaningful participation and decision-making of women in conflict prevention and resolution processes in humanitarian and conflict contexts.
The call for proposals specifically contributes to impact 2 of the WPHF:Effective participation and increased decision-making of women in processes and interventions relating to conflict prevention. It is aligned with the general objective of contributing to peaceful and peaceful societies.
 egalitarian between the sexes.
Particular attention will be given to applications supporting multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination against women and girls, such as those marginalized and excluded due to poverty, ethnicity, disability, gender, geography, migration status, HIV status, among others.

Types of Funding
The call for proposals aims to meet the needs of local women’s organizations through two (2) funding streams. As part of this call for proposals, WPHF is accepting applications for programmatic and institutional funding.
An organization (lead applicant or implementing partners) can submit an institutional funding request and/or a programmatic funding request. Organizations applying for both institutional and programmatic funding must submit two separate applications based on the associated templates for each stream.Institutional Funding: Stream 1 (USD $2,500-$30,000)This institutional funding stream provides an operating grant to local civil society organizations working on gender-specific issues in peace contexts, security and humanitarian aid, so that they can continue to operate and in order to accentuate their impacts. Applicant organizations will need to demonstrate how the current context affects their organizational and financial capabilities, as well as how the WPHF contribution will support them as an organization. This contribution will finance a limited range of activities intended to support the development or strengthening of the operational capacity of the OSC. The objective of this financing program is not to finance the implementation of a project.

Programmatic Funding: Stream 2 (USD $30,000-$200,000)
This funding stream will fund projects that specifically aim to fund programmatic activities aligned with the following impact area(s):
WPHF Impact 2: Effective participation and increased decision-making of women in processes and interventions relating to conflict prevention.

Location and Duration
The WPHF will finance eligible projects in Burundi with a geographic concentration in: Ruyigi and Cankuzo.
Multi-country projects or projects outside the geographic area will not be accepted.
All civil society organizations can apply for grants lasting up to 2 years.

Eligibility Criteria
National, regional or local organizations defending women’s rights, the rights of young feminists, led by women or young women, and women’s organizations with proven experience working with women and girls will be privileged. Joint projects are permitted and encouraged.
Women’s rights or feminist organization: The organization’s official mission or vision statement should reflect its commitment to combating multiple or intersecting forms of discrimination and advancing gender equality and women’s rights. The organization must work to transform the underlying factors/systems/structures, including patriarchy and gender power dynamics, that perpetuate gender-based violence.

Women-led organization: Must be led by a woman as director/head of organization.
Youth-focused organization: To be considered youth-focused, the fundamental mission and vision of the organization must be focused on supporting the social, economic and political participation of young women and young men and on combating multiple or intersecting forms of discrimination against young women and men. WPHF will pay particular attention to youth-focused organizations that support young women, advance gender equality and peacebuilding.

Organization led by young women: Must be dined by a young person aged 18 to 29 who acts as director/leader of the organization

The following entities are only eligible to apply for a WPHF grant:
International non-governmental organizations;
Government agencies or institutions;
United Nations agencies or United Nations country offices;
Private sector entities
Universities and educational institutions


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