Urban Futures Project: Youth Action for Inclusive, Climate Resilient Cities in Zimbabwe and Zambia

Deadline: 21-Aug-23

Hivos Southern Africa is seeking proposals for the Urban Futures Program to support organizations/consortiums proposing innovative ways to promote youth Inclusive platforms where young people can address the key challenges affecting youth regarding Climate Change and Food systems in their city.

The overall goal Is to build Climate resilient cities. Preference will be given to organizations based in cities of implementation and seeking to promote synergies, networks and collaborations in Southern Africa.

This project will be Implemented in two cities in each country, that Is Zimbabwe (Bulawayo and Mutare) and Zambia (Chongwe and Kitwe).

Hivos aims to contribute to more inclusive, climate-resilient urban food systems, where young people collaborate to voice their priorities, influence decisions, and seize opportunities in the food sector to boost their country’s economy, with shorter value chains providing healthy, sustainable food that is accessible, affordable, and attractive to all. This will be achieved through the implementation of a 5-year Urban Futures Project.

Multi-stakeholder Approach
Hivos aims to work in collaboration with multiple stakeholders including local authorities, councils, schools, Department of Health, Youth and Agriculture, creatives, journalists, actors in the food value chain, agronomists, young food entrepreneurs, climate change experts, innovation hubs, nutritionists, business hubs, gastronomists, civil society focused on youth.

Rightsholder group
The project will work with youth aged 15 to 24 years including marginalized communities and other key stakeholders in the food system. Young people are the core participants and rightsholder group of this project.

In the inception stage stakeholders will play major role in shaping the following:

Mapping the agenda for their city (in collaboration with city council)
Co-creation and participation within multi-stakeholder groups within the food system value Chain
Liaising with policy makers, food system and climate change experts
Consultation with youth-oriented organisations
Focus group discussions to ensure that their priorities feed into the strategy.
Developing advocacy campaigns and contributing to publications

Problem Context
Climate Crisis
Economic Opportunities

Project Vision and Objectives
Main Goal: To contribute to more inclusive, climate-resilient urban food systems.
Project vision: is for more liveable cities, with increased green spaces and edible landscapes that improve climate resilience, social cohesion and wellbeing. Where citizens have taken responsibility for their food system: they voice their priorities, and grow and demand healthy, sustainable food. Where young people, collaborating with other actors, influence decision making and access quality employment opportunities in the food sector. And where food value chains are shorter, providing healthy, sustainable food that is accessible, affordable and attractive.

Long Term Outcomes
Inclusive youth-friendly urban food policies and strategies are developed and implemented,
with decision-makers held to account
Youth-led narratives on inclusive climate resilient food systems inspire behaviour change (Safe space for youth discuss and analyse and strategize how to improve food system in their cities, form innovative ideas and events)
Increased public and private financial flows to inclusive, climate-resilient food systems (so that young food entrepreneurs can flourish and increase in green job opportunities for youth)

Funding Information
  • Value of grant: Maximum €63,870 per partner
Geographic Focus
  • Zimbabwe: Bulawayo and Mutare
  • Zambia: Chongwe and Kitwe
Eligibility Criteria
  • Are locally registered (at city level, or at national level but with presence or demonstrated activity at the city level), non-profit, with a presence in City of implementation.
  • Coalitions, networks, consortiums, and alliances with at least one locally registered non-profit organization in Zimbabwe or Zambia with sufficient operational and financial management experience.
With an organizational strategy and goals, aligned with that of Hivos, RUAF, Fondation Botnar and with the Urban Futures Program.
A clear policy regarding youth, and youth actively involved in the organization will be an asset.
Coalition and Lead Applicant with a clean human rights record.
Sufficient mechanisms to monitor project expenditures and to prevent misapplication of funds.

With a proven track record of successful projects on working in cities with Multi-actor platform, Urban Food, Youth, Climate Resilience, Climate Justice, Gender, and relevant topics, preferably in the selected city.

Well established contacts and proven experience in working with local authorities and city actors.

With track record on developing and advocating for locally shaped innovations and solutions.

With ability to link to and mobilize larger networks or capacity to access, mobilize, convene, and influence power holders.
With experience in supporting micro-enterprises, business hub, incubators or local (urban) economic development.
Preferably also good donor relations (proven by projects and a variety of donors that can leverage to raise additional financing).

It is requested to provide reports/manuals/documents proving the experience with relevant projects, and to provide a sample of evaluation documents.
Reflects a diverse perspective and intersectionality approach which will enhance participation and strengthen the wider Food Systems transformation and Climate Justice movement.
Led by or who work with youth, women groups, persons with disabilities, or other excluded groups.

Willing to collaborate with other actors to influence stronger impacts and to build capacity over time and jointly develop and implement a capacity strengthening plan.
The capacity to pre- finance activities when necessary in case of disbursement delays.


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