2023 F5 STEM Education Grants for Women and Girls of Color

Deadline: 18-Aug-23

F5 is seeking applications for its science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) Education Grants to increase access to STEM education and career opportunities for girls and women of color.

Funding Information
Grant amount is a one-time $50,000 USD grant
There are no reporting requirements for this grant
Grant funding is unrestricted

Eligibility Criteria
The nonprofit organization must be in operation as a legally registered charitable organization defined by the country in which they operate or fiscally sponsored by a legally registered charitable organization for at least 3 years.

The nonprofit’s primary focus must be on increasing access, capacity building, career development, or other related work with the goal of increasing representation of women of color in STEM education, especially the technology sector.
Those served through the grant funding must be majority (>50%) women of color and/or girls of color.

Organizations must have an operational website. Please note social media does not meet this website requirement.
For nonprofits based outside of the United States, an Enhanced Expenditure Responsibility (EER) process will be conducted by F5’s international grantmaking partner, CAF America. Funding will be contingent on the successful completion and approval of the EER process. F5 will cover the cost of the EER fees.

Organizations that have written policies that actively discriminate on one’s sexual orientation or gender identity are not eligible to receive a grant.
All countries are eligible to apply.


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