Call for Proposals: Go Green Fund (Namibia)

Deadline: 4-Sep-23

The Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF) is delighted to release a new call for proposals for the Go-Green Fund’s grant program entitled “Green Urbanism”.

The Go Green Fund is a non-profit grant-making fund established by Nedbank Namibia in partnership with the Namibia Nature Foundation to enhance conservation and protect critical habitats and natural resources in Namibia. It is a targeted environmental fund that aims to support individuals and organisations in Namibia working towards a more sustainable future.

This year, the Go-Green Fund will focus on innovative and creative projects and methods that will boost sustainable urbanization.

Funding Information and Duration
Each project can receive up to N$150,000.00 (Namibian Dollars) and projects can be executed over a maximum of 3-years, project extension will only be considered under exceptional circumstances.

Eligibility Criteria
The 2023 Go-Green Fund is focusing its support on initiatives that promote and deliver tangible sustainable urbanization themes/projects with communities, schools, associations/organizations that:Improve urban water and sanitationAdvance sustainable urban agriculturalAdvance, introduce or support urban greening initiativesPilot zero waste initiativesInclude an environmental education and awareness-raising component.

Ineligibility Criteria
The Go Green Fund will not consider support for:Conduit organisations that are not the end-users of the project fundsOrganisations that are not directly involved in sustainable development and conservationCore support for organisations and the purchase of capital equipment, including buildings, fencing and vehicles.Development of commercial and private conservation enterprises.SalariesSocio-economic development projects without a core environmental componentProduction of books, videos or films, except as an integral part of the Go Green Fund supported projectIndividual bursaries and scholarships


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