Visa Africa Fintech Startup Accelerator Program 2023

Deadline: August 25, 2023 

Utilize the Visa Accelerator program to unleash the potential of your startup and accelerate your success in the thriving fintech industry. This innovative program links the brightest minds in Africa with knowledgeable mentors, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched investment opportunities.

Are you prepared to reinvent money, upend an entire industry, and influence an entire ecosystem? Join this thrilling three-month adventure to help your startup reach previously unheard-of levels of success. It's time to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and carve out a successful niche for yourself in the thriving fintech industry.

You are a good fit for the program if your team has previously created a minimal viable product relevant to the difficulties or planned areas, or if it has a product that is ready for market.

Startups in the Stage Seed to Series A with at least an MVP

Constructing a response that addresses one of our themes
Market-tested solution with increasing traction

business already in Africa or a plan to enlarge there
Opportunity Ideas
Creating new payment channels
Integrated Finance
Payment Infrastructure Enablers: Empowering Businesses and SMEs
The direction of finance
Sustainable and Inclusive Finance

Information and Skill
With a customized program spanning product design, marketing, finance, sales, and more, gain a competitive edge. To accelerate the growth and realize the full potential of your startup, get expert advice and strategic insights.

Get access to one-on-one coaching from ecosystem experts and founders from Africa and beyond. To overcome your obstacles, take advice from those who have gone before you.

Visa-Specific Training Take advantage of Visa-only training modules on payments and fintech. improve your knowledge of the payment ecosystem, the fintech landscape, and industry best practices. Additionally, startups will have the ability to use Visa's developer platform and test out its goods and services.

Get the money you require to make your unique ideas a reality. If you present your startup at Demo Day, Visa, Plug and Play, and the larger venture capital community may consider you for an investment opportunity.

Opportunities for Collaboration
Create strong alliances that can advance your startup. The initiative strives to create doors to beneficial partnership opportunities with leading businesses, cutting-edge startups, and strategic partners.

Product Benefits
Access a variety of product benefits and special offers from more than 100 vendors for a total offer value of over $200,000. Offers include credits from HubSpot and Google Cloud.

Program Length
The curriculum will be offered in a hybrid format and run for a total of three months.
There will be an investor week, an onboarding week, ten online focus weeks, and a live demo day. Throughout the course of the program, additional live events, such as city meetups or other national or regional events, may be planned.

Selection Process
The program team will go through two rounds of screening with each applicant.
Each application will be examined in the initial round for program alignment, current traction, founding team, and projected Visa synergies.
Startups that have been shortlisted will be invited to take part in a series of virtual interviews, and finalists will be informed before to the start of the program.


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