Het Actiefonds Grants to support Social Movements and Action Groups

Deadline: 31-Dec-23

The Het Actiefonds is accepting applications for its grant program to support activism that focuses on climate and various human and animal rights.

Het Actiefonds supports a broad range of themes. Het Actiefonds do this because they believe that all these themes are connected and they can only achieve the goals if change happens in all aspects. Working together and intersectionality are indispensable in the fight for a better world.Animal rightsAnti-dictatorial regimesAntiracismCivil rightsClimateFeminismHousing rightsLand rightsLGBTQIA+ rightsMigrant rightsWorkers’ rights.

Funding Information
The maximum grant size is €2,500 per project. The average grant size is between €750 and €2,000.

What they fund?
Grassroots activist groups that strive for a sustainable and socially just world in which people and the environment are valued economic interests
Direct actions, such as demonstrations, blockades, occupations, strikes, revolts, revolutions and other creative forms of (non-violent) confrontational protest
Protests that pressure authoritarian and oppressive regimes, aiming for political change
Politically controversial and radical projects that have difficulty finding funding elsewhere
Protests that are part of a long term strategy aimed at systemic change.

Eligibility Criteria
Anyone who is planning to organize a protest is eligible for the funding. However, while discussing your project they also check if the project is feasible, based on what experience and network the applicant has.

What they do not fund?
Groups that try to exclude other progressive movements
Conferences, seminars, workshops, debates or other meetings, unless they clearly aim to prepare for political direct actions
Humanitarian projects, healthcare or emergency aid
Campaigns or other educational projects that only focus on awareness raising or advocacy
Micro-credit programs or income generating projects
Structural organisational costs, like wages or rental costs
Juridical procedures, unless these are part of a broader activist campaign
Projects through third parties; they want to cooperate directly with the groups they support
Individuals, political parties or religious organizations
Projects with a total project budget of more than €20,000
Het Actiefonds have a strong preference for organizations with an income of less than €100,000 per year.


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