Call for Proposals – EIF Grant Facility (Namibia)

Deadline: 15-Aug-23

The Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia hereby calls for grant proposals from Individuals, Community-Based Organisations (CBOs), Women’s Groups, Youth Groups, Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) and People Living with Disabilities.

Grant proposals are sought from all 14 regions within the borders of Namibia.

Funding under the grant facility will only be made for the following investment themes or areas:Natural Resource Management and Utilization;Agro forestry;Nature-based Enterprises;Green Technologies & Low Carbon Development;Sustainable Agriculture.

The grant facility is aimed at funding initiatives in the following areas:Climate Change;Biodiversity Conservation;Land Degradation; andWaste Management.

Funding Information
Individual grant sizes will range between N$50,000.00 – N$150,000.00.

Sustainable Level Development Impact:
Environmental Co-Benefits: Potential for positive environmental externalities (i.e. not directly climate-related), such as conservation, biodiversity, soil quality, air quality etc.

Social Co-Benefits: Potential for positive externalities in areas such as health and safety, access to education, cultural preservation etc.

Economic Co-Benefits: Potential for positive economic externalities in areas such as expanded and enhanced job markets, job creation and poverty alleviation, improved sector income-generating capacity, increase in agricultural productivity, increase in energy and water supply security, etc.

Gender-Sensitive Development: Degree to which the project addresses prevailing gender inequalities in general and with regards to climate change vulnerability and risks.

Eligibility Criteria
Individuals, Community Based Organisations (CBOs), Youth Groups, Women’s Groups, Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) and People living with Disabilities are eligible to access funding for proposals under the EIF Grant Facility.
Non-Community Based Organisations (Non-CBOs), Conservancies, Community Forests, Resettlement Farmers/Commercial Farmers, Farmer’s Organisations, Water Point Associations, Individuals and Groups previously supported by EIF, EIF Staff, Government/State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Private Sector, Limited (LTDs) and Proprietary (PTY) Ltd, Research, Academia, Vocational Training, and Capacity Building Institutions (NTA, COSDEC, UNAM, NUST, etc) are not eligible to access funding for proposals under the EIF Grants facility.


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