Call for Projects to promote the Fundamental Rights of Vulnerable Children

Deadline Date: 28-Jul-2023

The UEFA Foundation for Children is pleased to announce a call for projects to promote the fundamental rights of vulnerable children all over the world.

The foundation helps to promote children’s fundamental rights as recognised and expressed in international conventions relating to children, applying the principle that a child is a person in his or her own right, has rights of his or her own and is able to assert those rights.

UEFA Foundation for Children welcomes applications from any organisation that shares the values of the UEFA Foundation for Children and proposes practical measures to help children in the following areas:
Access to sport
Personal development
Disabled children
Healthy lifestyle
Conflict victims
Gender equality
Environmental protection
Infrastructure and equipment
Strengthening partnerships

The foundation’s support is not limited to projects in Europe.

The core aims are solidarity and development aid, rooted in respect for the ethical values that they share with the partners.

Successful projects must also meet certain criteria set out by the board of trustees.

Projects will be assessed at two levels:
Institutional level
Project level
What do your activities on the ground consist of?

In the case of all projects, regardless of the context (including crisis situations and development projects), the UEFA Foundation for Children works in support of specific partner organisations, placing children right at the heart of its strategy. Partner organisations are required to ensure that the beneficiaries of those projects (i.e. children and their families) gradually take responsibility for their own development.

Wherever possible, the foundation makes use of existing networks within the countries in question (local aid organisations, regional or government bodies, etc.), giving financial support to those organisations in order to help them to act. Different types of partnership are established with those organisations in order to achieve the foundation’s objectives.

Moreover, projects that are supported/financed by the foundation are subject to quality standards, which means that they are assessed and have to comply with the foundation’s Ethics Code.

Activities not involving a majority of children under 18
Activities not involving at least 20% girls
Projects primarily aimed at scouting, training or promoting young talent are excluded

Weighted Criteria
Level of administrative costs
Level of co-funding
Number of beneficiaries
Focus on children
Children’s age range
Level of girls’ participation
Gender mainstreaming
Inclusion of sports activities
Environmental considerations
Account taken of the local socio-economic situation
General project context
Relevance of projects to needs
Collaboration with institutional partners
Medium and long-term sustainability of activities
Integration of local minorities and people of all abilities.

Selection Process
The UEFA Foundation for Children examines and evaluates every project submitted.

The board of trustees takes a final decision on the selection of projects at its autumn meeting in accordance with the Statutes.


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