Call for Applications: Liberia Technical Partner

Deadline: 28-Jul-23

The United States African Development Foundation (USADF), an independent agency of the United States Government, invites submissions from Monrovia based not-for-profit organizations and for-profit firms who have the experience and expertise to partner with USADF to provide technical assistance and support to grassroots community groups seeking or receiving USADF funding.

Program Objectives
Objective 1: Build self-supporting, sustainable local community development agencies that provide technical assistance and support to grassroots groups.While grassroots groups are in the best position to identify problems they encounter in improving their economic and social status, they require assistance in developing and managing activities, particularly in formulating solutions to problems, designing project budgets, work plans and other technical components, monitoring and evaluation plans, and meeting acceptable accountability standards. An important objective of USADF is to help build sustainable indigenous capacity to provide assistance in these areas to grassroots groups. To this end, USADF helps local development organizations strengthen their technical, organizational, and fiscal capacity to effectively promote grassroots economic and social development.

Results to be AchievedAs a result of the partnership with USADF, the Partner organization’s capacity of the will be enhanced in the following areas:utilization of participatory development methodologies (PDM);community outreach and standing;ability to counsel and nurture indigenous organizations in the planning, development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of their activities;acquisition of specialized knowledge and expertise in key development issues of concern in Liberia;Specific results to be achieved through the efforts of the Partner include the following:strong project proposals (that include sound financial analysis) that meet the Foundation’s Project funding application requirements fully developed for USADF review;

improved grantee skills and resources as measured by successful implementation of project plans, including timely completion of activities and deliverables specified in the grant agreements and evidence of re-evaluating business plans as needed;effective implementation of projects as demonstrated by a portfolio with the majority of grantees meeting or exceeding project targets;
Objective 2: Establish strategic linkages with national and local governments, other donor agencies, and the local private sector to support sustainable grassroots development.National and local governments, other donors, and the local private sector are often important stakeholders in USADF-funded activities. Applicants should discuss their ability to consult with and influence these important stakeholders.

Results to be Achievedincreased awareness by government, donors, and private sector entities of the socio-economic development opportunities at the grassroots and USADF’s role in supporting those opportunities;increased public-private linkages in local development and appreciation by the private sector of its philanthropic role in local development and the returns to business of charitable giving, as demonstrated by an increase in funding or other support for small-scale, indigenous initiatives; andexpanded participation of grassroots entities in the private sector and national and local policy dialogue.
Objective 3: Encourage the utilization of participatory development “best practices.”Wider use of participatory development “best practices” is essential to empowering grassroots groups and helps them to find viable solutions to their problems. The Partner will take on a leadership role in promoting these “best practices.” The Partner will take on a leadership role with African governments and donors where possible.

Results to be Achievedexpanded and diversified resource base for community development activities;increased utilization of local resources;increased capacity for communities to leverage external funding;increased level of volunteerism in the community; andincreased potential for community self-sufficiency in specific areas.
Type of Award
USADF plans to make an award for one (1) year duration, which may be renewed annually for up to an additional four (4) years without competition, depending on performance during the initial year and each subsequent year of the cooperative agreement. Subject to the consent of the Recipient, USADF may negotiate additional cooperative agreements or grants, known as associate awards.


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