IWPA Award for Women Photographers

Deadline: 30-Jun-23

The International Women in Photo Association (IWPA) is pleased to announce the Open Call 2023 for women photographers of all origin, working in any field of photography.

The IWPA Award is a photography award organized by the International Women in Photo Association. Over the past years, the award has attracted thousands of women photographers of different origins and cultural backgrounds, with over 800 photographers participating in 2021 from over 110 countries and 6 continents.

The IWPA Award is open to women photographers from all over the world, and those who identify as women, working in any field of photography from fine arts to photo journalism or documentary.

An internationally selected jury composed of eminent figures from the art and photography community chooses one laureate, and 4 runners up and special mentions if decided so.

Every year, itinerant exhibitions are organized around the world in Asia, the Middle East and Europe to showcase the works of the Laureate and finalists.

International Women in Photo provides a platform for women photographers and promotes their work to a wide and diverse audience thus contributing to a plurality of visions. Its mission is to encourage and help women photographers to gain global recognition in order for them to move forward creatively and professionally.

For All:International traveling exhibitions
For the Laureate:Solo show (location and date to be confirmed later)Article in media such as the French magazine Fisheyes, and other international medias
For the Finalists:Residency-to be decided by the juryPhotography Courses from the Spéos Photography School
For the Amateur Category:Canon camera (model to be announce soon)

Eligibility Criteria
Adult women of all origin and those who identify as such.
Participants must be 18 years old or above.

Judging criteria
The photographs will be judged based on the photographic skill, artistic sensibilities, emotion, impact and originality as well as on the consistency of the approach to the themes, technical skill, own style, story telling.


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