Grants to support Resilience and Economic Recovery in Northern Mozambique

Deadline: 1-Aug-23

The European Commission (EC) is currently accepting proposals to increase community resilience and accelerate economic recovery in Northern Mozambique.

Objectives and Priorities
The specific objective of this call for proposals is the following: to promote inclusive socio-economic development, social cohesion and conflict mitigation and prevention, through the mobilization of civil society and the private sector in the provinces of Niassa, Cabo Delgado and Nampula.

The priority(s) of this call for proposals is(are) the following:
This call is made up of 3 LOTS covering the following priorities

Batch 1: Improve conditions of access to basic services in communities in the North.

Facilitate access to quality basic social services, contributing to the reduction of inequalities, particularly with regard to the most vulnerable and/or marginalized groups (women and girls, children, young people, people with disabilities, displaced people, and, also host communities, ex-combatants, conflict victims, etc.) and the most neglected rural areas. Collaboration with the public sector should be encouraged to ensure the sustainability of service provision, in line with the rights-based approach.

Promote processes of dialogue, participation, monitoring and influence of civil society and communities on the quality of public service provision and sectoral public policies. The participatory collaboration of civil society, and in particular of Community Based Organizations (OCB), with public authorities and the private sector, should be strengthened locally, facilitating dialogue and participation in relation to sectoral areas of public services provided; and thus empowering the citizens, including women, girls, youth and persons with disabilities, to be active participants in local politics, and promoting accountability and transparency of local authorities.

Batch 2: Improving the livelihoods and economic opportunities of communities in the North in collaboration with the private sector.

Job creation and promotion of entrepreneurship through skills development actions (technical, vocational, business mentoring and life skills), in line with the workforce needs of the labor market and in economic sectors with greater potential for the establishment of their businesses.

Strengthening of public and private services for the promotion of inclusive economic opportunities through support for institutional capacity building and skills development of professional training and employment centers and the promotion of the competitiveness of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Promotion of sustainable livelihoods in key rural sectors (agriculture, fisheries, agroforestry, among others), improved access to markets, and promotion of initiatives for the joint management of natural resources, in order to ensure their productive use and sustainable use of resources and greater climate resilience in the region.

Batch 3: Increase local peacebuilding capacity to analyze, mitigate and prevent violent conflicts and promote peace.
Build a solid knowledge base through research and analysis of verifiable data/information on trends in violent conflict in the Northern provinces, as well as on the causes of recruitment.
Understand the conditions of return and reintegration into habitable areas released by the armed forces for populations in general, in particular displaced persons and others who have been in some way associated with groups and armed forces.

Stimulate dialogue between key stakeholders (including religious, traditional leaders, local authorities, etc.) in various areas of common interest related to mitigation and prevention of violent conflict and the promotion of peace. The existence of spaces for dialogue, of the community forum type, should start from the mapping of peace structures that already exist at the local level, to take advantage of the benefits, previous experience and local wisdom already acquired.

Encourage and create conditions for key stakeholders to trigger concrete and joint actions to address and resolve security threats, with the aim of maintaining to peace.

Funding Information
The overall indicative amount made available under this call for proposals is EUR 13 000 000.
Indicative breakdown of the budget allocation by lot:
Lot 1: 5,000,000 EUR
Lot 2: 5,000,000 EUR
Lot 3: 3,000,000 EUR
Value of grants
Lot 1: minimum amount: EUR 2 000 000; maximum amount: 3 000 000 EUR.
Lot 2: minimum amount: EUR 2 000 000; maximum amount: 3 000 000 EUR.
Lot 3: minimum amount: EUR 2 000 000; maximum amount: 3 000 000 EUR.

Eligibility Criteria
Lead Applicant
To be eligible for a grant, lead applicants must:
Be a legal person and
Not for profit and
Be a civil society organization (CSO)
Be established in Mozambique or in a Member State of the European Union
Be directly responsible, together with your co-applicant(s) and entity(ies) affiliate(s), for the preparation and management of the action and not to act as an intermediary.

Partnerships between the various actors eligible for this call are particularly encouraged.

Co-applicants must participate in the design and implementation of the action and the costs they incur are eligible in the same way as the costs borne by the lead applicant.

Co-applicants must meet the same eligibility criteria as those applicable to the lead applicant itself.
Co-applicants must sign the mandate form.

Affiliated Entities
The lead applicant and its co-applicant(s) may compete with affiliated entity(ies).
Only the following entities can be considered affiliated entities of the lead applicant and/or coapplicant(s):
Only entities that have a structural link with the applicants (ie the lead applicant or a co-applicant), especially a legal or financial link.

This structural link essentially includes two notions:
Control on annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and related reports of certain forms of companies:


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