Daughters for Earth Grant Program 2023, applications are now being accepted.(up to $50,000)

DEADLINE: June 27, 2023

For the Daughters for Earth Grant Program 2023, applications are now being accepted. The Daughters for Earth organization supports the expanding global movement of women who are directly addressing the climate catastrophe by defending and rebuilding the planet.

In order to address the climate catastrophe by preserving and restoring lands, waterways, and seas while implementing regenerative farming practices globally, Daughters for Earth awards funding to place-based, women-powered initiatives. They advocate collaborating with and providing real assistance to women who are implementing solutions, breaking new ground in intensely collaborative projects, and mending humanity’s relationship with environment.

Their particular emphasis on funding initiatives for environment conservation and regenerative agriculture is based on the science-based, comprehensive framework developed by their partner One Earth to address the twin problems of climate change and biodiversity loss. Science demonstrates that it is still feasible to restore biodiversity, stabilize our climate, and guarantee a bright future for people. We need to switch to 100% renewable energy, protect and restore 50% of the world’s lands and seas, and implement regenerative food and fiber systems in order to overcome these interconnected issues. We cannot afford to pass up the chance to resource, support, and amp up the collective movement of women-powered efforts striving to implement these answers.

Daughters gives out grants for one year that cost between $10,000 and $50,000 USD.

Worldwide organizations are encouraged to apply.

The following requirements must be satisfied by applicants in order to qualify for Daughters financing.

The project and/or implementing organization must be led by women. (Women-powered: initiative or organization that is managed or run mostly by women and includes women as beneficiaries.)
The group is tax-exempt in its nation of origin or has a fiscal sponsor. In certain circumstances, Daughters for Earth can assist a project in finding a suitable charitable fiscal home.
The initiative is a location-based effort focused on regenerative agriculture or environment conservation that adheres to One Earth’s Solutions Taxonomy, a comprehensive, scientific framework that outlines the main solution routes to overcoming the twin problems of climate change and biodiversity loss.
Nature conservation refers to initiatives that aim to preserve, link, and repair 50% of the world’s lands and oceans. These initiatives may focus on land and ocean conservation, ecosystem restoration, or wildlife connection.

Regenerative agriculture refers to initiatives that use regenerative croplands, sustainable rangelands, food waste reduction strategies, and circular fibersheds to transition to net-zero food systems and fibersheds while enhancing biodiversity.


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