Call for Application: International Programme for Ugandan Rural Women of FBOs “Advocacy, Association Development and Leadership”

Deadline: July 9, 2023


The multinational program's goal is to give rural Ugandan women more authority in the agriculture and food industries.
In order to offer rural women a voice, the initiative strives to improve women's leadership abilities. It also aims to build Farmer Based Organizations (FBOs)/women groups in the agriculture and food sectors. Participants will also learn more about the functions and initiatives of the German Association of Rural Women (dlv) through interactions with rural women in Germany.
There will be a total of 20 players chosen. The 20 Ugandan participants will create their own original transfer ideas/activities (pertaining to the aforementioned issues) during a research tour to Germany in October, which they will implement independently in Uganda with assistance from dlv and UNYFA.

Application period begins June 12, 2023.
Applications are due on July 9, 2023.
Agricultural and food industry networking, advocacy, and lobbying; formation of FBO and women's group associations; female leadership; Interaction with rural German women.

The program is divided into 5 phases:

End of August/start of September 2023 preparation workshop in Kampala: team building, communication, getting to know one another, visa support materials, and application preparation of travel documentation.
The study tour in Germany from 1–11 October 2023 will include
Visits to German rural women's farms and agricultural companies, as well as exchanges with local rural women's organisations, were conducted over the course of four days.
the initial stages of developing a transfer notion or action

The study tour's anticipated dates are:
2023 October 1 (departure from Berlin) until October 11 (departure from Entebbe).
The 20 rural Ugandan women will take part in workshops on female leadership, FBO association building, lobbying, advocacy, and networking in the agriculture and food sector during the study tour.
Field trips will also be organized to learn more about the German agricultural industry and the programs and structures of the German Association of Rural Women.
The study tour's other goal is for the 20 participants to develop their own original transfer ideas and projects (related to the aforementioned subjects) in the agricultural and food industries, which they will carry out independently once they return to Uganda.

In addition, a 2-day follow-up workshop with the participants will take place in Uganda (November/December 2023) to examine their success and difficulties in putting their transfer ideas/activities into practice.

Individual participant implementation of transfer ideas/activities
After the implementation of all participants' transfer ideas, a 2-day
 evaluation and exchange workshop will be held in Uganda (May/June 2024) for all participants.

Both courses in Uganda are organized by dlv in collaboration with UNYFA, as is the study travel to Germany. Dlv will pay all participating expenses.

Participants' selection criteria
The chosen rural women should be eager to learn and in a position to do so on the following subjects: leadership, advocacy and lobbying, and association development (founding or strengthening of FBOs/woman groups). Additionally, they should be eager to interact with rural German women and prepared to develop and polish their own original agricultural and food-related ideas, which they will apply independently once they return to Uganda.

For the purpose of choosing the participants, the following factors are crucial:

The 5 phases are all available.
The participants are active female members of a Ugandan women's group or district- or subcounty-level farmer-based organization.

The participants are aspiring to occupy a leadership role in a women's organization or farmer-based organization in the agriculture or food industries. At least half of the participants ought to be in a position of leadership.
Participants ought to be able to serve as multipliers when they return to Uganda.
Either elected or non-elected members may participate.
Participants are encouraged to put creative ideas into practice in Uganda to advance their own business or organization.

The participants speak English well. The official language of the training for this project is English.

For the duration of the program (see the five phases above), the participant should be prepared to actively participate in the project for several weeks.
International and interregional learning opportunities and interchange are appealing to participants.
Additionally, participants must be able to spend 10 days in Germany for the seminar and any associated field trips.
There is no restriction on which districts participants may come from; they may come from any district in Uganda.
The participant must be a female citizen of Uganda.

Everyone taking part must;

Complete the application form that is attached, attach all required documentation (see list below), and submit it.

send a brief motivation letter outlining their reasons for wanting to take part and the benefits it would have for them.
Applicants must submit a personal resume (CV) that details their job, educational history, and affiliation with any FBOs.

Only applications that are complete will be reviewed.

All application materials must be emailed to or dropped off at the UNYFA headquarters in Kampala, Uganda, at Plot 27, Nakasero Road.


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