2023 BOOST UP Startup Support Programme for Southern African startups

The Southern Africa Innovation Collective (SAIC) in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia organized the three-part Boost Up startup help program. The program focuses on entrepreneurs that employ technology and creativity to address societal problems and are seeking for abilities that could improve their ability to pitch their venture and gain additional funding.

The Set Up training sessions, Stand Up pitch competitions, and the Scale Up incubation program are all part of the Boost Up series.

Your new venture is a legally recognized company with offices in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, or Zambia.

In order to address a societal concern in Southern Africa, technology and innovation are crucial components of any business plan.
Your business model is expandable.
You have a prototype ready or are developing or perfecting one.
You or your firm haven't won a national pitch competition sponsored by SAIS 2 and participated in Boost Up Bootcamp in 2022 or 2019, Slush Global Impact Accelerator in 2018, or Slush 2017.
Set Up
Entrepreneurs can use the practical tools provided by Boost Up Set Up to package their business idea and create a pitch that will appeal to their target market. Each of the BOOST UP nations—Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zambia—organizes the Set Up training separately.

Stand-up pitching events
Dedicated businesses with a scalable business strategy, a desire to make an impact, and a desire to become more investable will compete in national pitching competitions in their nations at Boost Up Stand Up. From the Set Up participantZAs who successfully completed the program, Connected Hubs representatives will choose approximately 10 startups per country and extend invitations to pitch at Stand Up. The top startups in the pitch competitions will be chosen by panels of knowledgeable judges to move on to interviews. One to two promising startups per nation will be chosen after the interviews to participate in the Boost Up Scale Up incubator.
Program for Scale Up Incubation
Pump Up Scale Up is an incubator program for entrepreneurs with a focus on social impact who want to raise more money. In addition to an on-site Bootcamp in Nairobi, Kenya, Scale Up offers an online incubation program from September to November.


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