Next Generation Africa Think Glocal

DEADLINE: May 31, 2023

Application is open for Next Generation Africa Think Glocal. The Next Generation Africa Think Glocal grant, hosted by Startup Africa Roadtrip, aims to support and empower young entrepreneurs across Africa who are working towards creating positive social and economic impact in their communities.

This grant provides financial assistance and mentorship to selected individuals or startups that demonstrate innovative ideas and sustainable business models. The program encourages participants to think globally while addressing local challenges, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and collaboration. Through this grant, aspiring African entrepreneurs have the opportunity to realize their visions and contribute to the continent’s economic growth and development.

The Next Generation Africa Think Glocal grant is open to individuals and startups based in Africa.
Specifically, it is designed for young entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas and are working towards creating positive social and economic impact within their communities.

Startups selected to participate in the boot camp week will have the chance to create long-term, valuable connections with stakeholders of the local ecosystem of innovation and with our network of Italian partners and excellence.
Furthermore, the best 3, evaluated during a final event by a jury made up of members from Rwandan universities, incubators, investors, and institutions, will win the opportunity to travel to Italy for a fully funded road trip to meet potential partners. Moreover

They will have the opportunity to collaborate and co-design new ideas with some of the most influential stakeholders of the Rwandan ecosystem of innovation;
They will also have the opportunity to network with mentors, potential investors, partners, and other interesting stakeholders;
Throughout the boot camp, participants will have access to not only learning opportunities, but also exciting, engaging, and inspiring events;
They will have the chance to improve their early business features with tailored mentorship and tutoring, and work with experts to enhance the potential of their projects;
They will also have the opportunity to improve their storytelling and build compelling pitches;
Startups will have the chance to present their ideas to the local investor network and other influential individuals, and foster conversation with them;
All the startups will enter our community of professionals and individuals with shared passions and ambitions!


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