Global Impact Grant Program for NGOs serving Underserved Communities

Deadline: Ongoing

Cisco Global Impact Cash Grants are available for nonprofits and NGOs that address a significant social problem in the area of access to education, economic empowerment, and critical human needs.

Cisco is looking for programs that fit within their investment areas, serve the underserved, and leverage technology to improve the reach and efficiency of services. We accept applications year-round from eligible organizations.

Funding Information
The maximum request amount for first-time grant recipients is US$75,000.

Social Investment Areas
Organizations and programs must focus on at least one of the social investment areas:
Cisco Crisis Response: Provides increased capacity to access clean water, food, and shelter. Note: healthcare is not included in Cisco Crisis Response and is not a focus area for Cisco funding. However, they will consider proposals that address environmental sustainability within the crisis response sector.Examples of potential crisis response investments that could qualify:Innovative solutions which increase capacity, allowing the organization to deliver their products/services more effectively and/or more efficiently.

Tools which increase the availability of, or improve access to, to basic products and services (e.g. food, water, shelter, disaster preparedness/response).An IT-enabled solution that produces more clean water with less ecological impact (ultra-efficient desalinization; zero carbon, zero waste aquaculture solution, etc.).Examples of investments that would NOT qualify:Buying food, shelter or other support products/services.Providing general operating funds.Healthcare programs
Access to Education: Focuses on teaching and learning improvement through the use of technology with concentration in math, technology engineering, and science and/or the development of programs or tools that demonstrate applied knowledge or skills to applicable career paths within these fields. they will also specifically consider education programs that teach environmental sustainability.Examples of potential investments that could qualify:An IT-based educational program that helps inform and activate young people to empower them to engage in effective collaborative action around climate resilience, sustainability and ecosystem restorationAn IT-based solution that introduces young people to climate and sustainability careers and provides the skills and knowledge to eventually start those careers.


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