Friends of Liberia inviting Applications for Small Grants Program

Deadline: Ongoing

Friends of Liberia (FOL) invites applications for small grants of up to $3000 supporting programs in the areas of General Education, Health Education, and Psychosocial Support Systems for Vulnerable Groups.

Focus Areas
General Education:Developing literacy skills in children;Developing or improving literacy skills in adults;Training of teachers and school administrators;Educating girls;STEM education program support;Vocational training programs (may include school-age or adult work skills, development of market analyses, start-up supplies, etc. in programs with measurable sustainability).
Health Education:Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) programs for schools, including structural facilities for sanitation purposes.Training of teachers and administrators in implementing health education curriculum.Educating communities about basic health and hygiene practices.Focusing on educational and support for medical staff (doctors, midwives, nurses, etc.).Educating patients about hygiene and health.
Psychosocial Support Systems for Vulnerable Groups (Children, Youth, Women and Other High-Risk Groups):Providing nurturing environments with education, shelter, food, etc. for Vulnerable Groups with measurable plans for sustainability and self- independence.Programs should go beyond immediate or short-term counseling. Support should be long-term and enable Vulnerable Groups to become independent and productive members of society.

Eligibility Criteria
Only nonprofit organizations working independently of the government of Liberia are eligible to apply. If the group receives support from GOL for another program, it will be examined carefully to ensure there is no appearance of or conflict of interests.
The organization must be officially registered by the Liberian government as a not-for-profit organization or be partnered with such.
Preference will be given to organizations based in Liberia.
FOL will not award a grant that is the exclusive source of support for the program or project proposed.
Criteria for Award

Some of the following factors will be taken into consideration in the application review process:

The Organization:Has diverse Liberian membership;Respects talents and skills of Liberians;Leverages funds with other funding sources/partners.
The Project:Responds to the needs of Liberians;Builds up the community in which the organization is working;Builds capacity for self-reliance;Is sustainable beyond the end of the grant;Directly addresses one or more of the programs listed under the three broad categories;Does not substitute for inherently governmental functions;Has clear program evaluation procedures and a commitment to demonstrating impact.
Application Process

Applications can be submitted any time of the year. Proposals that are accepted will be recommended for funding during the next FOL Board meeting Applications must be sent electronically to the FOL Grants Program Committee. The application must include all of the following:

Cover Page:Name of organization;Title of the project;Names, titles, e-mail addresses and phone numbers of both the responsible officer and an alternate responsible officer of the organization;Mailing address of the organization;Date of the Application;Any connection with a FOL member or a Peace Corps Volunteer who is willing to work with the organization and monitor your project.
Background Information:Familiarity with Liberia [mandatory if parent organization is not based in Liberia and/or run by Liberians].A brief statement of the history, purpose, and previous activities of your organization.Certification that the implementing organization is currently registered as a not-for-profit organization in Liberia with the appropriate Ministry and/or the Liberian Business Registry.
Executive Summary: Not to exceed one page that includes, but is not limited to:Problem: A brief statement of the problem or need your agency organization has recognized and is prepared to address through this project. Include what others are doing to address this need in your geographic area and how these groups may be contacted.Solution: A short description of the project, including what will take place and how many people will benefit from the project when completed, how and where it will operate, for how long, and who will staff it.Funding Requirements: An explanation of the total cost required for the project, other donors, and how much are you requesting from FOL and why. What are your plans for funding the project in the future, or making repairs?Organization’s Expertise: A brief statement emphasizing the organization’s capacity to carry out this proposal, such as previous projects completed (including who funded these and contact information so that performance can be verified).Expected challenges, and how they will be mitigated.


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