Faces of Climate Change Photography Competition

Deadline: 30-Apr-23
Applications are now open for the Faces of Climate Change Photography Competition, a ambitious photography project aiming to bring to life the people and the stories of the climate crisis.

Through publishing 100 photo stories of the very people who are the face of their climate emergency; they aim to increase awareness of the risks as well as opportunities that have come with climate change and in doing so help to mobilise people around the world to take action to protect their planet for generations to come.

100 photo stories will be shortlisted and exhibited
4 Winners will be announced
£ 1000 presented to each winner

Eligibility Criteria
They invite photographers of all skill levels and ages across the globe to submit powerful, provocative photo stories that capture personal accounts of the climate emergency – both of struggle and hope – to help mobilise people into urgent climate action.

Each submission must include one photographic portrait and an accompanying story of max 250 words focused on one of the following core themes:Faces of the Bold: These photo stories capture those on the frontline of climate change, working hard to make a difference – whether it is a scientist pushing the realms of technology to find a climate solution, a politician braving the tide of climate sceptics or an activist making their voices heard.

Faces of the Brave: These photo stories capture those in the eye of the storm, directly or indirectly affected by climate change – whether it is a victim of a forest fire, a shopkeeper affected by floods or a school child battling increasing pollution.Faces of the Past, Present and Future: These photo stories capture the voices of the young, who are often not heard in the mainstream but will have to face the greatest impacts of climate change, and the old, whose wisdom and life experience is often overlooked in fighting climate change.Faces of the Unheard: These photo stories center around the experiences of those from marginalised communities, seek to dismantle and remedy environmental discrimination, and build a shared vision for a sustainable, cooperative and equitable future for all.

The program dates: June-August 2023
Entry to the Competition

Each Entrant may enter up to 10 submissions. Maximum of 4 submissions can be made across each theme.
The image(s), photograph(s) or narrative(s) must not have been previously submitted to another photography Competition, website or publication whether printed or online.

The image(s), photograph(s) or narrative(s) submitted to the Competition must not distort reality and must not have any items or objects, or parts of objects added or removed from the main image(s) or photograph(s).


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