Google Africa PhD Fellowship Program 2023 for Graduate Students in Africa ($30,000 cash prize)

DEADLINE: May 11, 2023, at 11:59:59
A select group of some of the brightest young academics in the world are Google PhD Fellows, according to Google researchers and their institutions. The Google PhD Fellowship Program was established to honor exceptional graduate students who are conducting great and original research in domains connected to computer science and other related fields. Promising PhD students from all backgrounds who want to shape the future of technology are supported through fellowships. Google encourages applicants from all backgrounds and works to establish inclusive research groups.

Students who exhibit the potential for the following fields of research are given fellowships:

Markets, optimizations, and algorithms
computational neurosciences of the brain and the mind
research on health
Computer-human interaction
computer learning
Computer vision, speech recognition, and machine perception
Mobile technology
processing language naturally (including Information Retrieval and Extraction)
Security and Privacy
Languages for Programming and Software Engineering
Quantum computation
Advisory systems
managed databases and structured data
Networking and systems

Students are given named Fellowships that come with a financial reward. The money is donated directly to the institution, which will use it to pay for the student's costs and stipend as necessary.
A Google Research Mentor will also be assigned to the student.
The fellowship does not create an employment relationship between the student and Google.

The award neither increases the likelihood of landing an internship or job at Google nor does it exclude future eligibility for such possibilities.

Students are welcome to apply for positions and go through the same hiring procedures as everyone else if they want to work at Google.

A maximum 3-year Fellowship
Google Research Mentor Eligibility Criteria US $30K to cover stipend and other research-related activities, as well as travel costs, including international travel.
For PhD students right now
Candidates must be full-time PhD students at an African university. Those who are transferring to full-time positions while enrolled in their first year of a part-time PhD program are also encouraged to apply.

Students should be in their first year of their PhD program, or at an early stage of that program. The commencement date of the applicant's program for the 2023 Fellowship must be on or after January 1, 2023.

For the term of the Fellowship, students must continue their enrollment in the PhD program, otherwise they risk losing their prize.

Candidates must be working toward a Doctorate in computer science or a field that is related.

Family members of Google employees and Google employees are not eligible.
Students accepting another corporate fellowship at the same time are ineligible.
For current graduate, undergraduate, and professional students
The fellowship will only be awarded to this group of applicants if they enroll in a full-time PhD program at an African university within a year of receiving the award.
Student applicants must be enrolled full-time in an African university's undergraduate or graduate programs. Professionals must work for or be linked with an African organization.

The Google Fellowship award is conditional upon the awardee enrolling in a full-time PhD program in computer science or a closely related field at an African university by the end of the calendar year 2023; otherwise, the award would be forfeited.

The Google Fellowship is not a guarantee of acceptance into a university's PhD program. The recipient must also successfully fulfill the PhD admissions requirements of the particular institute or university where he or she plans to enroll in a PhD program.

The Google Fellowship will be granted subject to the policies and procedures in effect at the college or university where the awardee has registered for a PhD program.

Families of Google employees and Google employees themselves are not eligible.
The application period for the Google Africa PhD Fellowship program is currently open.
Please submit by May 11, 2023, at 11:59:59 UTC-12 (AOE). Communications for Decisions will happen in July 2023.



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