Open Call for Senegal-Mauritania Gender Focused Community Engagement

Deadline: 12-May-23

The Bureau of Counterterrorism (CT) of the U.S. Department of State announces an open competition for organizations to submit applications to bring together law enforcement and female community members on both sides of the Senegal and Mauritania border to develop increased reporting, community engagement with local law enforcement, and promote female participation in critical security discussions.

This program will contribute to the following U.S. Department of State strategic goals:Goal 1: Civilian security services in West Africa have the will and capacity to counter terrorism within a rule of law framework. (2023 – 2024 Bureau of Counterterrorism Regional Framework for West Africa)Goal 2: West African governments, civil society partners, and local communities mitigate and prevent the spread and appeal of radicalizing terrorist ideologies. (2023 – 2024 Bureau of Counterterrorism Regional Framework for West Africa)Goal 3: Regional and multilateral efforts in West Africa reinforce African leadership, strengthen international norms, and enhance overall security. (2023 – 2024 Bureau of Counterterrorism Regional Framework for West Africa)

Program Objective(s)
This project will utilize the local community networks and fora cultivated by previously funded U.S. Department of State programs to promote the importance of 2 engaging women in border communities through workshops, exercises, and trainings between women in border communities and local law enforcement. This program will build off of previously CT-funded programs which enhanced institutional capacities in securing and managing borders by promoting stronger community engagement and developing more coherent approaches to border management, inter-agency cooperation and coordination, and cross-border interoperability.

Objective 1: Local law enforcement in Senegal and Mauritania; the U.S. government; and the international community have a deepened understanding of current roles for women in security in the Senegal-Mauritania border region, identified gaps, and opportunities for greater women participation.The proposal must include plans to conduct a comprehensive assessment that identifies:The ratio of women to men in border villages who are currently able to participate in security round tables and discussions.Existing opportunities for women (round tables, exercises, community events, informal channels, etc.) to discuss security concerns as well as current gaps and opportunitiesWomen’s security reporting structures in local communities, if any.The proposal must include plans to provide gender-awareness training to relevant law enforcement regarding women’s roles in countering terrorism.

Objective 2: Female members of local communities on the Senegal-Mauritania border have adequate access to security reporting structures and understand law enforcement’s role in countering terrorism along the border.The proposal must outline innovative ways to bring female community members and law enforcement entities together to discuss security situations and develop reporting mechanisms.This should include but is not limited to working groups, joint trainings, familiarization campaigns, and community dialogue forums.The proposal should also demonstrate a plan to regularize dialogues and institutionalize identified reporting mechanisms.

Funding Information
Award Ceiling: $987,500
Award Floor: $987,500
Length of performance period: 12 months – 24 months.

Participants and Audiences: Women in local communities, law enforcement units, and key stakeholders operating along the Senegalese – Mauritanian border.

Priority Country or Region: Senegal, Mauritania.

Eligibility Criteria
The following organizations are eligible to apply:Not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks and civil society/non-governmental organizationsPublic and private educational institutionsFor-profit organizations (only if allowed by appropriation)Public International Organizations (PIOs) and Governmental institutions.



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