Savvy global fellowship for early-stage entrepreneurs in 2023 (Fully-funded)

Rolling basis, deadline | The Savvy Global Fellowship 2023 for Aspiring and Early-Stage Entrepreneurs is now accepting applications.

Do you have a strong desire to use innovation to address some of the most critical issues facing the world? Have you ever desired to create a flourishing impact-driven business but lacked the knowledge to do so? Do you run a young company that you wish to expand into new industries and markets? Do you want to join the next wave of entrepreneurs who are motivated by impact?

Savvy is an international virtual fellowship program that is offered in 111 languages for passionate and gifted young people who want to join the next wave of impact entrepreneurs. Many people are now living in a world of uncertainty as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and having lost their employment. In order to become leaner and more effective, many big and small businesses continue to lay off their staff due to the recent macroeconomic slump, greater market competition, and revenue losses.

These people are receiving the information and skills they need through Savvy Fellowship in order to launch their own successful businesses with a social effect. As a Savvy Fellow, you will receive the education, training, resources, tools, community, and support needed to launch a successful impact-driven enterprise.

Since its launch in 2020, the Savvy Global Fellowship for Aspiring and Early-Stage Entrepreneurs has chosen and trained 8,350 Fellows from 159 countries after receiving over 100,913 applications from all across the world. The Fellowship program assists chosen Fellows with all the pertinent questions they need to start their incredible impact enterprise, get early traction, achieve product-market fit, and scale into new markets for a period of 12 weeks, regardless of the stage of their venture.

Why you ought to be a Savvy Fellow for The Savvy Global Fellowship 2023 for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs
Practical Education
You'll learn how to launch, develop, and scale an impact business over the course of 12 weeks. We'll assist you in finding all the important information you require to launch that incredible impact venture, establish early traction, achieve product-market fit, and scale into fresh markets through visual presentations. No matter what stage your venture is in, being savvy is important.

Concurrent mentoring
You can receive mentorship as you are learning, which is a great method to gain more insight into your field. There are two types of mentoring: expert and peer-to-peer. Since no two Savvy Fellows have exactly the same level of experience, more informed and experienced Fellows aid in guiding others. Only a few Fellows receive professional mentoring from leaders in the field.

Permanent Community
Savvy is a lifelong entrepreneurial learning process, not just a 12-week learning, evaluation, and mentorship program, as the saying goes, "Once a Savvy Fellow, always a Savvy Fellow." Following your fellowship, you will always have access to your Savvy Fellowship account and our regularly updated resources, which include business advice, opportunities, and nuggets.

Fellowship Information
As a Savvy Fellow, you'll learn how to raise money for your company, put together the best team to carry out your business goals, generate awareness about your product or service, find product-market fit, expand into new markets and verticals, and cultivate customer loyalty and retention.

Savvy Fellowship begins with a demanding 12-week online learning program. You will learn everything as a Savvy Fellow, from ideation to scaling. You'll learn how to "understand your consumer," "create a product or service that effectively answers their primary concerns," and "effectively position your solution in the market," among other things, during the program.

Week 1: Know Your Customer Week 2: Create the Ideal Good or Service
Week 3: Surpassing Your Rivals
Week Four: Recognizing Your Market
Week 5: Constructing a Sound Revenue Model
Week 6: Your Strategy for Activating and Retaining Customers
Week 7: Your Operations
Week 8: Setting the Right Business Structure
Week 9: Your Go-To-Market Strategy
Week 10: Building the Right Team
Week 11: Your Fundraising Strategy
Week 12: Securing the Right Partners

· Assessment:
You can check your understanding by taking weekly tests during the 12-week period of learning, unlearning, and relearning. The quizzes combine True or False, Yes or No, and multiple choice options. The greatest way to determine your advantages and shortcomings is through assessments. You may improve your deficiencies by being aware of them.

· Peer mentoring:
They've started using peer-to-peer mentoring, which they've found to be highly successful. The company's guiding principle is "Be Your Fellow's Keeper." As a result, since no two Savvy Fellows have the same degree of experience, the more informed and experienced Fellows will assist the less experienced ones.

· Expert Mentorship:
1,060 prominent experts from a variety of industries provide weekly expert mentoring to Savvy Fellows. The Fellows are expected to successfully translate all of their lessons learned from the professional mentoring sessions into tangible social change.

· Post-Fellowship:
A Certificate of Completion will be given to you after the 12-week period, which you may proudly display to your professional network. Not only that. The Savvy platform will still be helpful to you because they consistently offer weekly articles on impact entrepreneurship, personal branding, capacity building, and career prospects. Therefore, even after you finish the demanding 12-week virtual Fellowship program, you will still find value in your Savvy Fellowship account.

· Savvy Prize:
At the conclusion of each year, Savvy Fellows compete for the $3,000 Savvy Prize, which aims to honor and encourage those Savvy Fellows who have made significant contributions to finding creative solutions to some of the most serious issues facing the globe. The Savvy Prize includes financial awards, assistance with product development, and marketing initiatives.

Being a Savvy Fellow is a fantastic chance for you to:

Create a product or service that surpasses the expectations of your desired target market after identifying them.
Make your product or service stand out on the market from rival products or alternatives.

Create a strong revenue model, customer acquisition strategy, and go-to-market strategy for your company.

Build a successful team, correctly distribute tasks, and optimize your business processes to carry out your business plans.

Choose the best legal form for your company, collect money for it, and create powerful strategic alliances that will aid in its expansion.

Meet and converse with well-known industry leaders in business.

To learn from others' experiences, share your own with the Fellows.

Expand your knowledge by looking at fields outside of your regular profession.

Create new connections, talents, and ideas to strengthen your work.

Join a global alumni network of over 8,000 businesspeople to help you look for original answers to everyday problems.

Eligibility for The Savvy Global Fellowship 2023 for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs
open to aspiring and fledgling businesspeople everywhere.

There are no academic, racial, or geographic limitations.

Those who can demonstrate in their application their commitment to study and bring about long-lasting change in their community are accepted as new Fellows between the ages of 18 and 40. (and the world.)

They do, however, take into consideration those over 40 who have at least five years of professional or entrepreneurial experience.


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