Reporting Grants to Support Collaborations between Reporters and Researchers

Deadline: 29-Mar-23

The Africa-China Reporting Project (ACRP) is calling for applications for reporting grants to support collaborations between reporters and/or researchers in Africa and Southeast Asia on shared developments relating to Chinese engagement in both regions.

The grant will support shared and collaborative reporting by reporters and/or researchers in African and Southeast Asian countries, with the aim of producing co-written and/or complimentary media outputs, to be published in publications in both regions at once. Overall, the Project is aimed at encouraging South-South knowledge sharing and conversations about China’s growing role across the developing world. Applicants are encouraged to investigate and uncover local and on-the-ground impacts of China’s South-South engagements.

Successful collaborative investigations and publications stand to be featured in The China in Africa Podcast, by the China-Global South Project. Furthermore, successful reporters and authors stand to participate in the Annual ACRP Journalists Forum, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Focus Areas
ACRP is open to applications across a wide range of fields, but would especially encourage those focusing on:

Sustainability and development resilience

Environmental and social impacts of infrastructure development

Conservation and wildlife crime

Organized crime


Media and freedom of speech

Civil rights and democracy


Funding Information
An itemized budget totaling no more than US$3,000

Eligibility Criteria
For the purposes of reviewing submissions, all applications must be submitted in English. Final publications/ productions must be provided in English, and can also be provided in Arabic, French, Spanish, and Mandarin, but must include English translation/subtitles where another language is used for the primary reporting.


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