Join the 2023 Incubation Program: Start a High-impact Charity By Charity Entrepreneurship.

Deadline: 12-Mar-23

The 2023 Charity Entrepreneurship (CE) Incubation Program is now open to help you start a high-impact nonprofit. Prepare to start an effective charity with the two-month, cost-covered, intensive training designed by founders for founders.

During the ProgramThey provide:Stipends to cover your living costs during the Incubation Program (e.g., rent, wifi, food, childcare). The stipends are around $2,000 per month and are based on participants’ needs and adjusted accordingly.Travel and board costs for the 2 weeks in person in London.

After the ProgramIf for any reason you will not be able to start a charity they provide:Career mentorship (their track record for connecting non-founder participants to research grants, related jobs, and other pathways to impact is near 100%).Two-month stipends to provide a safety net during the period of looking for alternative opportunities.

The training is divided into two stages:

Part 1 (5 weeks): Matching with a co-founder and a charity idea.You will work in pairs with other participants on projects that teach you important skills for starting a charity, and allow you to test out your compatibility with potential co-founders and charity ideas.

Part 2 (3 weeks): Working with your co-founder to build your charity proposalYou will craft and submit a real proposal for funding and get ready to launch. They don’t just teach you about starting a charity, they make sure you have the tools and confidence to actually do it.

400-page Handbook and over 100 video lectures prepared by experienced founders. Learn the fundamental principles of managing high-impact organizations, including:Cost-effectiveness AnalysisMonitoring and EvaluationFundraising and OperationsStrategic Decision-making
Work 8 hours a day developing relevant skills in real-world partner projectsIs your charity cost-effective? Prepare a Cost-effectiveness Analysis (CEA)Where do you operate? Draft a Geographic Assessment FrameworkHow do you begin implementation? Outline a One-year PlanWhat is your impact? Prepare a Monitoring & Evaluation PlanHow much funding do you need? Draft a BudgetHow do you best fundraise? Prioritize potential fundersHow do you work with your co-founder? Come up with a Founders’ Agreement to facilitate your collaboration And many moreReceive extensive group and individual feedback, ready-made templates (e.g., sample budgets, one-year plans), and one-on-one discussions about your progress.

Learn from the best:Hear from experts who have excelled in the nonprofit world as they share their perspectives on entrepreneurship, give advice, and provide valuable feedback.

Participate in a streamlined co-founder and charity idea selection process by: Providing weekly feedback on your project partners and preferred ideas Meeting with senior staff members for 1:1 mentoring Enjoying individual social calls with all potential co-foundersHaving constant access to a highly-qualified research teamJoining a network of previous founders that are happy to share experience and adviceGetting final pairing advice from senior staff members to help you find the best fit.

What they Offer?
You will graduate the program with: A co-founder A high-quality charity idea and plan for implementationA robust funding proposal.

They offer you: A seed grant of up to $200,000 (not guaranteed, but 80%+ of projects in recent years have received funding)Operation support Get professional operations and HR support from the CE team that will help you to set up your organization quickly. Start with a US charitable fiscal sponsorship, allowing you to accept tax deductible donations. 

Further learning Weekly ‘getting started’ sessions for the first 4 weeksRegular emails with further videos and resources that are relevant to you later in your charity journey (e.g., on hiring, or charity registration) MentorshipMonthly mentorship meetings with the CE teamAccess to a broad network of mentors and potential fundersCoaching from external topic experts (e.g., on co-founder relations or M&E)Support in WIX website designCommunityJoin a Slack group of over 100 charity founders and effective charity employeesEnjoy weekly London socials and annual gatheringsTap into the knowledge and template base of their network of incubated charities.

Eligibility Criteria
CE accepts candidates of all ages from a wide range of backgrounds.

Experience is helpful but not necessary. They train people with over a decade of expertise alongside those with little to no work experience or formal education.
Fact 1: 50% of their most successful founders from previous years didn’t even think they should apply. Don’t doubt your potential.

Fact 2: Nobody comes onto the program qualified to start a charity. That’s what the course is for!

Fact 3: The base traits that make a good charity entrepreneur include grit, intelligence, resourcefulness, a focus on outcomes, and commitment to making a real difference.

Fact 4: For most people, the highest-impact time to start a charity is right now.


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