Equal Rights Trust: Equality Law Fellowships

Deadline: 5-Mar-23

The Equal Rights Trust is pleased to announce the launch of two new Equality Law Fellowships to support individuals interested in increasing their knowledge and experience in the field of equality law, while supporting them in developing and delivering the strategy to advance equality through law.

The Trust is launching two new Fellowships. One Fellowship, kindly supported by the Sigrid Rausing Trust, will form part of their programme supporting those working to secure the adoption of comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation. The second, kindly supported by Mary Kay Inc., will support their work to develop the application of equality law in the area of algorithmic decision making.

Each Fellowship has an estimated duration of six months. There are no fixed hours for the Fellowship, but to fully benefit from this opportunity, they would suggest that fellows should be available for at least three days per week.

Type of Fellowships
Fellowship – Supporting Equality Law Reform Over the last 15 years, they have supported organisations, movements and coalitions to develop and advocate for comprehensive anti-discrimination laws in dozens of countries, from Armenia to the Philippines, and they’ve helped to secure equality law reform in places such as Kenya and Ukraine. In late 2022, they launched the Practical Guide to the Development of Comprehensive Anti-discrimination Legislation. Following its launch, 32 UN Special Procedure Mandate holders issued a joint-statement calling on States to use the Guide as a “catalyst to action”. As a key element of their new strategy, they seek to support those involved in efforts for equality law reform to use the Guide to develop and advocate for comprehensive and effective anti-discrimination laws.

They are seeking a Fellow to support us in identifying where and how they can have the biggest positive impact. The Fellow will undertake a comprehensive mapping of movements and initiatives for equality law reform; identify prospects and opportunities for the adoption of new laws; establish partnerships and collaborations with those at the forefront of reform efforts; and gather information on the kinds of support which those involved in these efforts need.

Fellowship – Algorithmic Discrimination InitiativeIn 2022, they launched a new initiative focusing on the challenges and opportunities posed by artificial intelligence and algorithms for the enjoyment of the rights to equality and non-discrimination. Under their Algorithmic Discrimination Initiative, they aim to:gather evidence of cases or patterns of actual and emerging, anticipated, or potential discrimination arising from AI and algorithmic systems;

connect national equality organisations with those working on digital rights and with global processes for developing regulatory and normative frameworks governing AI; andmake the case for a proactive, precautionary and pre-emptive approach to addressing the discriminatory impacts of such systems through developing and promoting Principles on Equality by Design in Algorithmic Decision Making.They are seeking a Fellow to join the Algorithmic Discrimination Initiative, providing research support as they finalise the Principles and compile evidence on patterns of discrimination arising from the use of algorithmic decision-making systems. The Fellow will also play a role in developing plans for raising awareness of and increasing adherence to the Principles through identifying opportunities for advocacy and developing communications and awareness-raising materials and programmes.


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