Call for Projects: “Humanitarian Innovation” (€ 1 Million In Funding)

Deadline: 19-Apr-23

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is accepting applications under the project entitled “Humanitarian Innovation”.

This call for projects is in accordance with France’s commitment to humanitarian action and aims to support innovative and structuring projects, led by its humanitarian partners, which seek to address the operational challenges faced by humanitarian actors in emergency situations. It also aims to improve practices in the fields of defence of humanitarian action, gender and environmental issues, and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of actions by pooling approaches and developing new methods and tools.

Priority Themes
Submitted projects should address the following themes:

Defending humanitarian actionMore specifically: Protecting civilians and humanitarian workers;Promoting international humanitarian law (IHL);Fighting impunity of perpetrators of attacks and crimes;Protecting humanitarian cyber space;Countering difficulties accessing crisis theatres.
Addressing environmental and climate issues in emergency humanitarian responsesMore specifically: Adopting by humanitarian organizations and partners of environmentally friendly practices;Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity impact in emergency response theatres;Anticipating and preparing for disasters.

Addressing gender issues in emergency humanitarian responsesMore specifically:Taking into account gender and gender equality issues in the design of projects;Fighting sexual violence;Involving women and girls in the implementation of humanitarian programmes.

Funding Information
Project budgets must be between €0.5 million and €1 million.

Projects should last between 12 and 18 months and start on 1 November 2023 at the latest.

Eligibility Criteria
This Call for Projects is open to French and international NGOs and local NGOs acting independently or in consortiums. They must he recognized for their expertise and ability to act in response to humanitarian crises.

Each organization (consortiums included) can submit only one project to this Call for Projects.
Ineligible Projects
Projects for one of the following operations are not eligible:

Projects that are not innovative for the humanitarian and emergency response sector;
Projects focused solely on communication, information and awareness;
Research projects;
Development projects.


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