2023 UN SDSN Young Climate Actors Accelerator Project (CAAP) - For Young Innovators.

Deadline: 26th day of February 2023 

The UN SDSN Young Climate Actors Acceleration Programme (CAAP) 2023 is now accepting applications. Young innovators and change-makers between the ages of 18 and 35 who are passionate about giving solutions to the global climate issue and creating a liveable environment toward a net-zero future are the target audience for the Climate Actors Acceleration Programme (CAAP).

With advanced training, bootcamp, environmental campaigns, clean-up efforts, tree-planting activities, ecological tours, and inventive thinking, this knowledge-sharing and innovation program offers a complete approach to building a sustainable future.

The objective of this program is to create a network of young talent that will pioneer innovative ways to safeguard and repair our ecology and planet. To make our environment and human settlements inclusive, resilient, and sustainable. We believe these solutions would address the crucial challenges of biodiversity conservation, waste and pollution, responsible production and consumption, and mitigation and adaptation to climate change.


Attend advanced trainings
Ecological Tour and Excursion Certification Coaching and Mentoring

A Nigerian citizen between the ages of 18 and 35 must apply.
Possibility of dedicating at least 4 hours each week for the duration of the program.
Participation in masterclasses, climate education, and community development initiatives.

devoted to acting as a catalyst for growth and transformation.


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