USAID/Guinea & Sierra Leone Open Call for Private Sector - ($2,000,000 In Total Funding)

Deadline: 8-May-23

USAID/Guinea & Sierra Leone seeks to engage the private sector in finding solutions to development challenges through creative, market-based approaches that will contribute to development in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

USAID/Guinea & Sierra Leone calls for private sector solutions to strengthen the health system, improve good governance, and increase economic opportunities for youth and women.

The mission invites entities (private and non-private) to submit concepts. USAID/Guinea & Sierra Leone welcomes consortiums composed of multiple local and/or international private sector entities.

Concepts must mobilize and leverage private sector resources at a level that equals and preferably exceeds the level of resources allocated by USAID/Guinea & Sierra Leone.
Missions and Objectives
For Guinea these are:Development Objective – Democratic and Economic Governance StrengthenedObjective 2.1: Strengthen democratic norms and processesObjective 2.2: Improve conflict management and mitigation

 capacitiesObjective 2.3: Increase sustainable economic opportunities
And one or more of the following Sierra Leone office Integrated Country Strategy (ICS) Mission Goals and Objectives:Mission Goal 1: Promote sustainable and integrated health securityMission Objective 1.1: Sierra Leone strengthens its health system to provide equitable and high-quality health care services and improved health-seeking behaviors.

Mission Goal 2: Strengthen Sierra Leone’s democracy, enhancing accountability to its people and their human rights while advancing mutual peace and security interests.Mission Objective 2.1: Sierra Leone strengthens democratic institutions and processes that are increasingly inclusive, transparent, and responsive to the population.Mission Objective 2.2: Sierra Leone improves civil society, media, and civic capacity to contribute to governance and political processes, and to peacebuilding in communities.Mission Goal 3: Support the transition of the Sierra Leonean economy from donor-based to market-basedMission Objective 3.1: Sierra Leone increases private sector investment opportunities to sustain economic growth and development.

Funding Information
Estimated Total Program Funding: $2,000,000
Award Ceiling: $1,000,000
Award Floor: $250,000

Eligibility Criteria
USAID welcomes applications from many types of organizations including U.S. and non-U.S. private businesses, business and trade associations, foundations, U.S. and non-U.S. NonGovernmental Organizations (NGOs), faith-based organizations, international organizations, U.S. and non-U.S. colleges and universities, civic groups, regional organizations, etc. All applicants must be legally recognized organizational entities under applicable law. An individual cannot apply as an applicant.


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