Make It Circular Challenge -€10,000 In Prizes.

31 January 2023
The Make it Circular Challenge is all about designing circular ways of living that help us tackle the root of the climate crisis. They are looking for ambitious, design-led initiatives and start-ups that reduce carbon emissions by cutting waste and rewriting the relationship between people, the planet, and all the species who call it home.

What design can do is launch the make it a circular challenge in partnership with the IKEA foundation. This global design competition focuses on building a circular society in order to combat climate change and tackle the devasting effects of waste and pollution.

The Make It Circular challenge calls on designers, creative entrepreneurs, and startups from around the world to envision and build a circular society. From now until 31 January 2023, they invite you to submit imaginative ideas that prevent waste and radically rethink our way of life: from what we eat and wear, to why we buy and how we build.

The winners of the make it circlar challenge will take home an award package designed to bring their projects to the next level. They will gain access to a six-month-long development programme that has been co-created by experts from the global impact hub network. Winning teams will also receive prize funds of €10,000 each, as well as valuable press and publicity through WDCD’S channels and those of our partners.

Application process
Register an account: To submit your project you’ll need a What Design Can Do account. Registering is simple, and requires only an email address and a password. Do you already have a What Design Can Do account? Login here.
Create your profile: Once you are logged into your account, you can create your profile. We would love to know more about you (and your team)! Let us know who your project leader is, what you do, and upload a photo or logo of your company.
Upload your project: Once your profile is created, you can submit a project. Open the submission form and fill in the details, starting with the project title and description. Then, tell us: which category are you applying for? What is the stage of development of the project, and who is part of your team?

Language: They ask that you submit your project in English. However, don’t worry too much about your grammar and spelling. We understand that not everyone is a native speaker!

Pending phase: Once you’ve completed your submission, it will be reviewed by a WDCD moderator. You will receive a notification as soon as it has been approved, or if there is any information that needs to be amended.

Edit your project: After it has been approved by a WDCD moderator, you will be able to edit your submission at any time during the Open Call (until 11 January 2023). You will also be able to set your project visibility to ‘public’ or ‘private’. These settings can be changed at any time.


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