Omega Resilience Awards in Africa

Deadline: 30-Jan-23

The Health of Mother Earth Foundation is now accepting applications for its Omega Resilience Awards to support new models of thinking, leadership, communication, and engagement in response to the challenges of the global polycrisis.

The ORA Fellowship is designed to identify visionary communicators, artists and public intellectuals who can help society imagine what it will take to respond to the global polycrisis and chart a path toward a more resilient future.

The Omega Resilience Awards (ORA) fellowship program is a new program designed to identify visionaries – primarily under the age of 40 – drawn from diverse fields who can help their society understand the nature of the global polycrisis and imagine what it will take to chart a path toward a more resilient future. ORA is a project of Commonweal, a US-based NGO with 45 years of engagement and accomplishment in diverse fields associated with sustainability including environmental health, marine resource management, and integrative medicine.
The ORA Africa fellowships are awarded yearly. The 2023 fellows will receive $10,000 support for individuals.
ORA Africa fellows ( individuals or organisations and research institutes) would focus on work on the polycrisis.
Candidates can be drawn from a diversity of backgrounds and sectors, however, the goal of the Fellowship is to encourage cross-sectoral thinking and engagement that explores the intersection between issues such as those listed that are too often treated in isolated silos.EnvironmentGenderHealthEducationAgriculture/Food SystemsCraftEconomic InequalityPolitics and PolicymakingCultural narratives that undermine tolerance and equityMarginalization, prejudice, and discriminationSecurity etc.
Eligibility Criteria
The fellowship is open to Africans, preferably involved in movements and have their origins in the communities of struggles.
Applicants must not be older than 35 years.
Applicants are expected to show history of experience in activism and innovative thinking.
All applicants must be active change-makers in their communities.
Applicants must commit to participate in regular seminars/webinars throughout the programme.



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