French Agency For Development ( AFD) Digital Challenge 2023 For African Start-ups. (€150,00 In Prize)


AFD Group continues to strengthen its support for African start-ups and digital players for the sixth consecutive year. Since 2016, the annual objective of the AFD Digital Challenge has been to identify these projects, promote them and accelerate their development. This latest edition of the AFD Digital Challenge is dedicated to digital technology for cultural and creative industries. The Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) are not only a place for entertainment, they are also a major lever for economic and social development. The role of these industries goes beyond their mere potential for wealth creation, as they actively participate in strengthening social cohesion, inclusion, the valorisation of African cultures and the emancipation of citizens.

The mandate assigned to the Agence française de développement (AFD) in 2018 on CCIs reflects the ongoing efforts launched by the CICID in 2016 that acknowledges the transversal role of culture in meeting the SDGs goals. The Cultural and Creative Industries include the sectors of activity whose main purpose is the creation, development, production, reproduction, distribution or marketing of goods, services and activities with a cultural, artistic and/or heritage content. The cultural and creative sector has a huge accelerator potential to support recovery and foster economic opportunities for Africa's youth, thanks to digital technology. In this context, creative entrepreneurship must be valued in the economic development strategies driven by African countries, with the potential to transform creativity and human capital into sustainable growth and development.

Your digital project involves one of the six main sectors of activity of the Cultural and Creative Industries (mentioned above)

Your project offers a digital solution to one of the following three challenges

- Transformation of the modes of production and consumption of cultural and creative goods and services

- Enhancing the value of African cultural heritage and legacies

- Promotion of inclusive access to cultural and creative content

Your project is currently in the seed phase (prototyping or beginning of commercialization with an indicative annual turnover of 0 to 18 000€), or in the acceleration phase (economic model and user market established with an indicative annual turnover of 18 000

to 250 000€/year

Your project has a legal structure based in one or more African countries

Your project has a sustainable and autonomous economic model

Digital technology is at the heart of your solution


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