UNICEF/UNDP/World bank/WHO Joint Call for Strengthening Health Systems in East Africa

Deadline: 15-Feb-23

TDR, the UNICEF/UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) Neglected Tropical Diseases Department, is pleased to announce a call for applications to strengthen the evidence base for improved programme capacities in visceral leishmaniasis-endemic countries in East Africa in implementing WHO’s recommendations towards achieving the targets of the NTD roadmap within the context of universal health coverage.

The purpose of this call for applications is to assess the programme capacity of visceral leishmaniasis endemic countries in East Africa to implement WHO’s recommendations towards achieving universal health coverage and NTD roadmap targets.

The primary objective is to ascertain the capacities of the health systems in three countries of East Africa (Eritrea, South Sudan and Sudan) in the application of the WHO guidelines for the management of VL towards meeting the 2021–2030 NTD Roadmap target of ending the neglect to attain the Sustainable Development Goals achieving a <1% case fatality rate among primary VL cases.

The secondary objectives are to determine the status of:management services offered to VL patients (suspect referral, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up services up to the standard recommended follow-up period) within the broad health system context of the country;HIV screening among VL cases and treatment services (antiretroviral therapy, VL treatment, secondary prophylaxis and follow-up) as per WHO guidelines and country-specific HIV and VL protocols;
and community engagement and mobilization to support VL programme implementation.

Eligibility Criteria
The call seeks to identify an institution or a team of experts, independent and affiliated to a recognized institution, with expertise and a track record in disease control programme implementation and/or in implementation research in the field of neglected tropical diseases.

The lead investigator should be a recognized expert in the field, preferably have a PhD or equivalent degree in public health or related discipline, have a minimum of seven years of experience working with endemic country national programmes in NTD and VL/leishmaniasis control, preferably in the East African setting, as well as being familiar with programme monitoring and evaluation and/or implementation research.
The selected application is expected to dedicate the following human resources to the project:A lead investigator with an adequate level of qualifications and experience shall be dedicated to the project. The curriculum vitae of the principal investigator (PI) should be attached to the proposal.Sufficient capacity and knowledge is required to cover the following areas of expertise:adequate technical knowledge to conduct programme review and health service system assessment; andadequate technical knowledge of neglected tropical diseases and disease elimination and, in particular, of visceral leishmaniasis elimination.The profiles (no individual names required) of the personnel proposed for these services should be included in the proposal.



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