2023Swedish Institute Management Programme Africa 2023

Deadline: 13-Feb-23

Are you an ambitious and innovative leader who wants to learn how to bridge the gap between desire and action on sustainability? If yes, then join the Swedish Institute Management Programme 2023.

The Swedish Institute Management Programme (SIMP) offers you proven tools and knowledge from experts who can help you to put sustainability at the heart of your strategy and take your leadership to the next level. The programme is based on Sweden’s prominent position in innovation and sustainable business – and its connection to the global economy.

A core outcome of the programme is for every participant to work with your organisation and implement sustainability strategically. You will formulate the actions and plan on the needs of your organisation and its stakeholders.

The programme runs online and at local conference venues between April 2023 – December 2023, including one week in Sweden. SIMP offers coaching, interactive workshops and lectures, as well as meetings with representatives from companies and organisations in Sweden. SIMP is a challenging and interactive programme that requires your active participation and contribution. It is not a series of one-way lectures.

Programme structure, format and timeline
  • SIMP Africa 2022 takes place from April-December 2023 and is a hybrid programme with important parts online, where various digital tools and set-ups will give you a unique, varied and interactive learning experience. The digital parts of SIMP enable learning to take place over an extended period, allowing time for reflection as well as the opportunity for continuous work, both individually and together with other participants. Those that have completed required programme tasks, will be invited to a programme week in Sweden in October/November.
What will the programme give you?
In-depth knowledge and skills about sustainable business practices with a focus on human rights, climate and the environment, decent working conditions and anti-corruption.
Capacity and knowledge to lead change and implement sustainable business practices in your own organisation.
Insights into business cases for sustainability in Sweden, one of the leading countries in sustainable business practice.
Customised expert coaching based on your organisation’s and your own personal needs.
A unique opportunity of close collaboration and exchange with colleagues at your own level from several other countries, developing strong, long-lasting professional networks.
Access to the global Swedish Institute alumni network with leaders who are committed to sustainable business and responsible leadership.

Costs covered and arranged by Swedish Institute
Training and content
Conference facilities for meetings locally (i.e. in capitals), and hotel if you don’t live in the capital.
Flights to and from Sweden for the programme week.
Accommodation, most meals, most transportation and insurance while in Sweden.

Eligibility Criteria
If you are highly motivated to run your business in a sustainable way and promote sustainable business practices in your country; and you also have the mandate to drive to drive strategies throughout your business – then the answer is you!
In addition:You are a citizen and resident of Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda or Zambia.You are between 25 and 50 years old (born 1972–1996).You work for an enterprise. They are looking for business leaders who are already CEO´s or senior managers of small or medium–sized enterprises, or managers of a significant and distinct department of a large enterprise, who have responsibility for the profits of their business.You have an entrepreneurial mindset and a track record of making things happen.You are willing to support and share your experience and knowledge with other participants.You have a high-level proficiency in both written and spoken English.You have a post-secondary education.You have access to high-speed internet for interactive video meetings.


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