CFPs: Addressing Biodiversity Decline and Promoting Nature-based Solutions in Higher Education

Deadline: 28-Mar-23

The European Commission (EC) is seeking proposals for Addressing Biodiversity Decline and Promoting Nature-based Solutions in Higher Education.

The European Green Deal communication puts forward a specific action for the Commission to prepare a European competence framework to help develop and assess knowledge, skills and attitudes on climate change and sustainable development. This competence framework should serve as a reference tool for the development and assessment of competences on environmental sustainability. Following the EU biodiversity strategy for 2030, the Commission proposed in 2022 a Council Recommendation on encouraging cooperation in learning for environmental sustainability, including biodiversity learning and teaching, which was accompanied by a competence framework.

Education plays indeed an essential role in addressing environmental sustainability by raising awareness and instilling the key competences needed for changing personal behaviours and empowering people to act in their respective communities, especially in the current context of economic recovery, biodiversity crisis and climate change.

Funding Information
The check will normally be done for the coordinator if the requested grant amount is equal to or greater than EUR 500 000, except for:

public bodies (entities established as a public body under national law, including local, regional or national authorities) or international organisations; and
cases where the individual requested grant amount is not more than EUR 60 000 (lowvalue grant).

Expected Outcomes
Project results are expected to contribute to all of the following expected outcomes:

Improved and more coordinated education programmes and increased awareness about biodiversity loss and how this can be addressed together with climate change notably through NBS, in universities and technical schools.
Increased awareness and development of skills among young people, teachers, professional organisations, on biodiversity, climate change and NBS.

A transdisciplinary dialogue on inclusive NBS contributing to nature-based thinking and a nature-positive economy, drawing on inclusiveness, the pluralities of values and of knowledge.

A sustainable recovery of society and the necessary transformative change through biodiversity-friendly actions, professional, collective and personal attitudes.

Eligibility Criteria
To become a beneficiary, legal entities must be eligible for funding.
To be eligible for funding, applicants must be established in one of the following countries:the Member States of the European Union, including their outermost regions,the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) linked to the Member States,countries associated to Horizon Europe;the following low- and middle-income countries.



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