UNDP/Liberia inviting Proposals from CSOs: Supporting Women’s Rights and Strengthening Local Networks


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is inviting proposals for the spotlight initiative to provide capacity development support to women’s rights advocates and strengthen local networks to follow up and report on the implementation and amendment of laws and policies on VAWG.

The EU/UN Spotlight Initiative is premised on the formal UN/Government of Liberia (GOL) Joint Program on SGBV and HPs. In Liberia, it has six(6) pillars and aims to: (i) Strengthen policies, legislation and regulatory frameworks; (ii) Enhance integrated multi-sectoral capacities of national institutions, organizations and partners in preparedness, prevention and response; (iii) Improve social norms and practices, through inclusive participation and awareness raising of communities on the negative impacts of deep-rooted socio-cultural gender norms and HP; (iv) Integrate multi-sectoral response services to all survivors ensuring effectiveness and efficiency; (v) Develop a multi-sectoral Information Management System (IMS) to support evidence based planning and monitoring of results;

Scope of Work
Provide capacity development support to women’s rights advocates
Strengthen local networks for following-up and reporting on the implementation and amendment of laws and policies on VAWG and build capacity to draft legislation and/or policies on VAWG, including promotion of SRHR.
Provide technical and advisory support to CSOs Network to produce HR national report.
funding information
Budget Ceiling: This grant will support budgets no more than $40,666 
Duration of Contract: 2 Months (November 30, 2022 – February 31, 2023)
Target Locations: Grand Cape Mount, Grand Gedeh, Lola, Montserrado, and Nimba Counties

Eligibility Criteria
Grants will be awarded to organizations based on the following considerations:

Evidence that it is a national or local woman-led organization, women’s rights organization/ movement
The organization’s proven administrative and financial management capacity to undertake the interventions.
Evidence that it has professionals with requisite experience as part of its staff that can implement the project.
The feasibility and soundness of the proposal with sustainability strategies and related budget; other
The legitimacy and quality of the contribution and values ​​that the group/movement can provide for the attainment of development results and maximizing the impact of a programme/project.
key competences
CSO implementation teams should possess the following key competencies:

Sound knowledge of fundamental human rights principles and international mechanisms system.
Ability to work with different stakeholders
Capacity building
Advocacy and communications skills
Project management/coordination.
Development of strategies, plans and/or programs to prevent and respond to VAWG, including SGBV/HP, and promote women and girls’ SRHR, for women and girls facing intersecting and multiple forms of discrimination
Skill in community-based projects and programs;


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