Apply to The Baobab Network in Africa


The Baobab Network works with early-stage tech start-ups across Africa. What does that mean? If your solution creates or relies on technology to solve a problem, has an MVP and a bit of traction you are welcome to come apply.

The Baobab Network offer start-ups $50,000 USD in funding and a 3-month cohort program including personalised two-week consultation sessions with tailored support, in exchange for 10% equity. The venture team works with their portfolio to accelerate growth, build capacity and unlock the next funding stages to help companies scale.

The Baobab Network run a world-class accelerator programme supporting Africa’s boldest innovators to scale homegrown solutions.

Accelerator programme is designed to give you the funding and platform you need to take your company global

Every start-up is different, so they treat them that way. They invest $50,000 into early-stage tech ventures across Africa and provide founders with a global platform to scale their business.

Funding $50,000 USD FundingThey provide founders with the early-stage capital they need to kick-start their company’s growth.
Bespoke AccelerationThey have built an intensive, unique programme to ensure that their graduate start-ups from every cohort go on to be successful.

A Global NetworkThey bring a powerful global network of experts, mentors, corporate partners and investors to help grow your business.

What they look for
Scalable Technology Solutions
For-Profit Enterprises with Purpose
Early Stage Companies Built In Africa.

Eligibility Criteria
They work with early-stage technology creating or technology-enabled businesses.

Their remit covers the whole of Africa, as long as you are living and working in a key market that they cover then they ’d like to work with you.

They will work with companies across many sectors and verticals. There are a few industry areas they don’t specialise in which are outlined.


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