Vital Voices Growth Accelerator Program For Women Entrepreneurs (Application Open For 2023)


You have a vision for impact 

You got into business for a deeper reason, to create sustainable change in the world around you. And while your business model is now validated, you yearn to see your expansion go so much further.  

 But it is a real challenge  

From time to time, balancing all the pieces your business requires is a struggle. You desire to systematize your operations and be able to grow forward confidently, with a clear strategic plan. You would like to have access to the right networks and business
resources to achieve the change needed to solve the problems you care about. You may need more resources to increase the impact and make your initiative even more sustainable. 

Your purpose-driven business must scale 

We understand your challenges, because we’ve been there before ourselves as an organization and have supported 442 entrepreneurs through this same journey, shifting from feeling overwhelmed to empowered, from breaking even to profitable expansion, from getting by day to day, to creating a strategic vision and plan. 

At Vital Voices, over the last 24 years, we have built a network of 20,000 changemakers across 184 countries, each of whom is daring to reimagine a more equitable world for all. And this starts with YOU and your business. Our shared desire to see a more equitable world starts within every single one of our businesses.  

Calling all impact-driven, change-making women business leaders called to create greater impact through sustainable business growth 

If you are a visionary change-maker leading a for-profit, purpose-driven business that offers innovative solutions to the world’s greatest challenges and/or advances the UN Sustainable Development Goals, if you desire to ensure that your business creates lasting change through the people, places and planet that it serves, we are here for you. 

VV GROW: Your Vision for Change and Growth Accelerated to the Next Level  

The VV GROW Fellowship is a 10-month virtual program that fosters growth and skills advancement in strategic planning, financial management, marketing and sales, strategic networking, leadership, human resources, and communications to support you in creating a holistic, sustainable foundation for which your vision and impact can grow. 


The program will equip you with all the tools and skills to take your business to the next level. You will end up with: 

A Strategic Plan for growth in your business and impact. 
A new network of peers and informal advisors. 
An official certification as a Vital Voices GROW Fellow 
Join the Vital Voices network of global women leaders 
Through the VV GROW fellowship you will: 

Have gained a new found confidence in your ability to lead, as well as in your businesses’ ability to thrive. 
Have a framework for measuring your organization’s impact which can be used to measure your performance, and can also be engaged in your marketing and in securing investors. 
Be empowered with the knowledge and tools to evaluate and identify opportunities for growth in business and leadership. 
Strengthened resiliency and ability to navigate change, and contingency planning strategies and approaches to guard against future economic or other shocks. 
Have knowledge in how to leverage the Vital Voices network of alumnae, partners and supporters to provide access to unique and high impact opportunities to further your own leadership and business impact. 
Understand how to strengthen network connections and engage partners to provide insight and support to you and your business  
 The Vital Voices difference 

While many accelerator programs focus solely on the participant’s business, the VV GROW Fellowship works to support the leader within the business, ensuring that you are supported from the inside out. The program is focused on supporting women owners of purpose-driven, small and medium-sized businesses to sustainably increase their business’ impact to lead positive change in the world, from local initiatives to global action, and everything in between. 

Now in its ninth year, the program partners with women entrepreneurs to drive inclusive economic growth and social change by helping them grow their business and social impact. Vital Voices works with them to address key obstacles to growth and enhance their leadership and management skills through customized business and leadership training, technical assistance, and access to networks. 

 Past fellows have said that the fellowship is like a mini-MBA program, providing immense value, delivered by trainers with lived business experience, just like you. This program gives you practical skills to apply to your business and create sustainable growth by using a learn-do-achieve methodology. The content is built directly from the research conducted from small business associations all over the world and the lived experience of thousands of women business owners from around the world who have led change. 
Application Deadline: October /18/ 2022


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